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Honsbridge provides the perfect Cambridge O Level/ IGCSE foundation for boys and girls, aged 11-17, seeking to prepare for secondary or higher education in Malaysia and overseas. The programme is designed for students leading to their Cambridge O Level or IGCSE exams in two to three years. If results greater than or equal to 80% for English, Mathematics and Science, student can be promoted from Year 8 to Year 10. It consists of buiding a firm foundation in English, Mathematics and Science followed by an exam-oriented study pathway leading to Cambridge IGCSE/ O Level examinations in May/ June or October/ November annually.

YEAR 7 to YEAR 9 (Age 12 to 14)

Test & Assessment

Termly assessment:
Throughout the term, students will be assessed via pop quizzes, group projects, written assignments, presentations, mid-term test and end-term test. A Parent-Teacher Meeting & Progress feedback will be held every term.

Revision lessons:
There will be small group holiday revision classes (max. six per group) arranged during the school holidays. Parents will be updated via email on the timetable & pre-confirmation is required. A nominal fee is charged for the classes.

Multi-Diciplinary Enrichment Programme

On a weekly basis, there are at least 2 hours of contact time which is aimed to build an individual’s confidence, critical thinking skills and self-esteem through various personal & teamwork development activities (E.g. Physical Education for more than 10 games, Debate & Public Speaking, Singing & Choir, Musical instrument appreciation, Career Bazaar Workshop & Project Presentation, Business & Entrepreneur Workshop, Cupcake Making and Mixed Martial Arts e.t.c)

  • Laboratories equipped for Chemistry, Physics and Biology experiments
  • Well equipped classrooms for projectors and use of white boards
  • Music Enrichment Classroom equipped with a variety of musical instruments.
  • Sports Centre e.g. Badminton courts and Futsal courts.
  • Multi-purpose hall e.g. ballroom dancing and function
SYLLABUSCambridge Year 9 Checkpoint
DURATION2 years (4 terms) for Express stream or 3 years (6 terms) for Normal
SUBJECTS AVAILABLEEnglish | Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | English Literature | ICT | Bahasa Melayu | Mandarin
School Events & Educational Tips

Brewary Biology Tour, Soap Making Chemistry Tour, College campus visitation, Speech Day, Sports Day, Motivational & Study Skills Workshop, Drug Awareness Workshop and Talent Day. Further events and school activities organised included festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Easter Celebration & End term party, Mid-term tree planting, Honsween & End term party, Christmas bash & End term party for our teachers, students and parents.

E- Learning classes on google platform is available commencing 18 Mar 2020
*Face to face online learning between teachers and students in the virtual classrooms. *Worksheets and homework are submitted online for two way feedback.
*High standard of discipline and appropriate etiquettes are exercised in the virtual classrooms.
*E- Learning classes are held according to timetable from 8am to 2.15pm from Mon through Thu and from 8am to 12.00pm on Fri.
*Special ECA classes are also held online after school for students to continue enjoying their ECA classes.
Application Procedure (New Student)

Consecutive 14 graduate batches of Year 9 students who have successfully promoted to Year 10 studies. They have studied on and graduated with strong O Level/ IGCSE results.

To register, please bring along:

  1. Completed Honsbridge Application form
  2. Registration fee of RM600
  3. A photocopy of Birth Certificate / Identification Card (IC) / Passport (front page & visa page for non-Malaysians only)
  4. 3 pieces passport-size photographs
  5. Current & previous academic results / school report card
    (minimum from last two years)

Lower Secondary (Year 7 to Year 9) Fact Sheet

Proven Results

14 consecutive batches of Year 9 graduates were successfully promoted to their Year 10 studies. They then went on to graduate with strong IGCSE/O-Level results.