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Honsbridge International Fast Track IGCSE/ O Level Programme

LOWER SECONDARY  (Year 7 to 9)


Ages 12 to 14 

We employ good quality teaching in English, Maths and Science with hands-on experience to prepare students for the Checkpoint Exam and for Upper Secondary.

Honsbridge prepares students not just for the Cambridge IGCSEs but also provides a good foundation for higher education in Malaysia and abroad.


12-18 years old

The Year 4 – 11 revision classes offer students a boost in their studies for English, Mathematics and Science to provide a solid grasp and understanding of their subjects.

Students who finish the Year 6 programme are eligible for direct entry into the Year 7 Express/ Normal programme, which commences every June or October .


2 – 5 years old

Preschoolers will engage in a moderate balance between hands-on activity and reading/ writing excersises whilst under close personalized supervision from the preschool teachers.


Let us wish you a very warm welcome to Honsbridge, an international academy where students aged 12 – 17 years old aspire to excel in Cambridge O Level & IGCSE since 2008. ‘Be ambitious!’ This statement neatly sums up what Honsbridge is about.

We provide an environment in which we support, direct and encourage our students to aim for the highest goals that they
could possibly achieve.
students who manage to score straight A’s in their termly exams receive a small RM500 scholarship off their fees next term.

Our Approach is simple:

1. Small class sizes
All students between 3 to 16 participate in all lessons and receive feedback on all tests and homework. This improves learning and hones in on exam techniques.
2. Enthusiastic and extremely well qualified teachers
Students are taught by experienced teachers with thorough understanding of the subjects they teach. All teachers also undergo regular evaluation and training.
3. Implementation of effective communication channels
Through the use of applications such as Allschools, we can communicate effectively, thus bridging the gap between students, teachers and parents.

Honsbridge was not ‘all work, no play’, we had fun and exciting times when we had PE classes and different school events such as Sports Day, Christmas Bash,...Read more

Shannon Khoo

Class of G10, Sportswoman of the Year, 2014

Joining Honsbridge Academy has enabled me to see the potential I have as a student. Many times did I doubt myself in terms of academics, yet every time there was...Read more

Zhen-Zhu Shekar

Class of G8

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