It’s 6th of March 2020, another year for the annual Honsbridge Sports Day at the Panasonic National Sports Centre in Shah Alam. Students from all over Honsbridge, along with Stellar Academy gather together for this auspicious event to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship & athleticism.

Students are divided into four different coloured houses, each inspired by famous superheroes: The white house is called the White Tigers; The Purple House the Phantoms; the Green House the Hulks; and the Yellow House is Wolverines.

Sports Day began with a cheerleading event where each house showcases their moves with colourful banners.

This year’s event was attended by students and parents in greater numbers than the previous year. Food and refreshment are provided by the school. Hand sanitizer is also provided for personal hygiene to prevent outbreaks of the virus from Malaysia while an ambulance was standing by in case any of the students injured themselves.

The school also provided a photo booth for the students and parents to create sweet memories together

In the end, the true winners of Sports Day are the entire Honsbridge Academy, who had dedicated themselves in organising the events. May the spirit of Honsbridge live on!

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