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Honsbridge Holiday Class June 2021

Honsbridge Holiday Class June 2021
By Miss Teoh Xiu Jong

What is better than utilising the Term Break by revising the syllabus that has been taught in class over the last few months?

Many parents have enrolled their children for the Holiday Class from 14 June 2021 to 25 June 2021. Additionally, subject teachers have also provided their recommendations for students to join based on their academic performance.

During the course, core subjects were allocated in the programme whereby our experienced teachers were assigned according to their areas of expertise to benefit the students.

Through this effort, we hope that all students will be able to make full use of their Term Break by revising their studies as it will prepare them for the upcoming months, in particular for the Continuous Assessment (CA) and Term 2 Examination.

With that, if you are interested in enrolling your child for the next Holiday Class Programme in November/December 2021, do contact the school as there are limited slots available.

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