Join the Dance Club at Honsbridge!

Every Tuesday, Honsbridge plays host to the Dance Club with instructor Hon Fee at helm. Imagine that, Hon Fee, champion dancer of Shuddup N Dance 2015 and World of Dance 2017 amongst other achievements, now teaching dance within Dataran Sunway at Honsbridge! He’s also part of the Rejuvenate Dance Crew and have toured parts of Asia, especially China, so you know Honnets are in good, experienced hands.

Every session starts with a series of warm-up exercises to loosen up the Honnets. Then, Hon Fee teaches a choreography of various fun and exciting dances. He also gives motivation and advice to the Honnets that would prove useful in life beyond the Dance Club. Hon Fee encourages the Honnets to focus on the music and flow with it rather on the beat.

Once of the dances he teaches is the Running Man, popular dance craze from the 80’s and 90’s popularized by Janet Jackson and MC Hammer. And now, Hon Fee is introducing this classic hip-hop dance back to the new generation in Honsbridge.

Weekly events like the Dance Club are beneficial as frequent physical activities can help develop healthier minds for Honnets. This is crucial in their preparation for the Cambridge IGCSE exams in later months

Dance Club is held every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30pm. For Juniors it’s 2:30 to 3pm while Senior it’s 3pm till 3:30pm.

As Hon Fee’s teacher once told him, “As a dancer, be humble.”

November 3, 2017

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