Let me wish you a warm welcome to Honsbridge, a British curriculum academy for students in Malaysia. Our goal at Honsbridge is a simple one –  to offer all our Students the best possible preparation for their future educational careers.

The Honsbridge IGCSE/O Level Tuition is designed for students who believe in choosing their own subjects; in building a strong foundation in their command of English to excel in their academic progression; to enable the students to achieve the high grades that they truly deserve; and last but not the least students have the option to sit their examination in June or Nov.

For a very long time, the Education Ministry of Malaysia has recognised the importance of English language in higher education. Hence, the UPSR and SPM examinations have now included English as the written scripts in Maths and Science examinations. This is a fine example of meeting the changing needs of students today.

GCSE, IGCSE and GCE O Level/Cambridge International O Level are UK qualifications equivalent to SPM qualifications. For further information on these qualifications, please look it up on .These courses are taught in the English language as such the examinations use the English scripts only. We can consider GCSE, IGCSE and GCE O level as very valuable qualifications, because they are recognised worldwide as the basic admission requirement to higher education.

As part of my continuous quest for learning, my education and career pathways have taken me abroad besides my home, Malaysia. Therefore, I can share with you the various providers of these valuable educations.

  1. In UK, GCSE is available with several examination boards. e.g. Edexcel, OCR and AQA.
  2. In Singapore secondary schools, private schools and tuition centres, GCE O level is available with Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board.
  3. In Malaysia international schools e.g. Garden International School, Alice Smith International School and several others, IGCSE and GCE O level are available with CIE board or Edexcel.

In Malaysia, the majority of students follow the national education curriculum, leading to higher education. There are some students whose parents can afford the very high school fees and living expenses at the above mentioned schools, these students shall follow the international education curriculum. I am one of many who have studied GCE O levels in Singapore, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. When I look back, I always thank my parents who have provided me an education that has improved my life learning skills.

Our students benefit not only from outstanding academic tuition, but also from a nurturing environment which gives them the time and space to develop as individuals and to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.

Our motto “Building Bridges, Exceeding Expectations” illustrates the Honsbridge ethos and our desire to equip our students with the skills they need to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you and your child to Honsbridge in the future. If you have questions or would like to visit Honsbridge, please contact our team.

Mrs Emma Furze
Head of Honsbridge (2008 to present)

Honsbridge is a thriving private academy located in Dataran Sunway, Petaling Jaya. Ever since being established in 2008 we have had an outstanding record of success from our students. This is demonstrated by the many graduates whose academic progression saw success and took them to places abroad.

We provide an academically challenging environment in which all our students can achieve their full potential. Our students are treated as young adults therefore they are expected to adopt a mature and responsible attitude towards their studies. To help influence this attitude and maximised student achievement we have approachable tutors, small classes and course specific notes.

During their time at Honsbridge, students develop time-management skills along with sophisticated learning and study techniques. Our programme of weekly homework and exam-focused classes rapidly improves self-confidence. Each student is carefully monitored and difficulties are rapidly and sympathetically addressed through our academic and pastoral support.


We are committed to helping each student to achieve the very best academic standards. This is done through rigorous yet informal teaching, frequent tests with in-depth feedback all by the use of expert tutors.

Great care is taken in the selection of our tutors; prerequisites include passion for teaching and expertise in their subject, along with first-class communication skills. Honsbridge tutors are driven by successful exam results and are fully conversant with the requirements of the subject specifications.

Our students tell us that their time at Honsbridge was hard but was also the most rewarding experience that they have spent in secondary education.

Honsbridge has an educational initiative to help both local and international students who want to obtain a qualification alternative to SPM. We aspire to provide quality and affordable IGCSE/O levels tuition to students who meet the basic requirements.

To help you choose a successful higher education, we provide all higher education placement counselling and assistance in scholarship applications.

Our Three Commitments

  • To bring students to their full academic potential through effective teaching.
  • To equip students with critical thinking skills, to be creative, innovative and independent learners.
  • To provide students with counselling and placement opportunities for their higher education. Through counselling, students may develop their personal and educational aspirations.
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Emma Furze
Principal, Teacher
  • Master of Science (Chemical Process Research & Development) – University of Liverpool, UK
  • Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) – National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), UK
Subject: English, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
Dom Hon
Vice Principal, Teacher
  • Master of Arts (Communication Management) – University of South Australia, Australia
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – Western Michigan University, USA
Subject: History, Business
Tan Jiunn Woei
Programme Leader Assistant, Teacher
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) – Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Master of Economics – Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics – Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Subject: Mathematics, Economics
Ong Cheng Hok
Acting Head of English, Teacher
  • Masters in Education – Open University Malaysia, Malaysia
Ng Pei Ling
  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce – Monash University Malaysia (2012)
  • Australian Matriculation – Sunway University College (2009) – Scholarship recipient
  • SPM – SMK Seksyen 4 Bandar Sinrara (2008)
Subject: English, Math, Business, Preschool
Mohamad Azrul Mahdzir
  • Masters in Science – University of Malaya (2017)
  • Bachelors in Science – University of Malaya (2013)
  • Foundation in Science – Malacca Matriculation College (2009)
  • SPM – SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak (2006)
Subject: Chemistry, Maths & science
Billy Guan Teck Huat
  • Bachelor degree in Science – Universiti Putra Malaysia (2011)
  • Masters in Science – Universiti Putra Malaysia (2011)
Subject: Head of Science
Farra Nur Syiera Binti Nor Hisham
Day-Care Teacher
  • SPM – SMK Taman Bunga Raya, Malaysia
  • Diploma – Universiti Selangor
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Physics)
Rathiga A/P Manoharan
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Physics
Subject: Physics, Mathematics, Additional mathematics, General Science
Celeste Teo Yi Lynn
  • IGCSE’s – Tenby International School, Malaysia
  • A-Levels (Maths, Econs , Chemistry, Biology) – Taylors College, Malaysia
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Economics and Finance – University of Melbourne,
  • Master’s Degree in Commerce, Applied Economics and Finance – RMT University,
Subject: Economics, Business studies
Nur Izyani Binti Rasdi
  • Masters of Arts in Linguistic Studies – University of Essex, UK
  • Bachelor of Education (TESL) – Management & Science University, Malaysia
Subject: English, Literature, History
Jason Ng Kin Kit
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics – Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Subject: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu
Kok Wai Ming
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) Analytical Chemistry – Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Subject: Chemistry, Physics, Science
Navamuganthan A/L Murugan
  • Master of Science (Biotechnology) – University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biotechnology with Management – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Subject: Biology, Science
Muhammad Anwar UI HAQ (BAKTIAR)
Programme Leader, Teacher
  • Certified Chartered Accountancy – ACCA, UK
  • Masters in Financial Planning – SEGi University, Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Science (Applied Accounting) – Oxford Brookes University, UK
Subject: Economics, Business Studies, Accounting
Christina Ann A/P Francis Xavier
  • Degree in Bachelor of English – Unitar International University (2016)
  • SPM – SMK Bukit Nanas (2009)
  • STPM – SMK Bukit Nanas (2011)
Subject: English, Geography & Malay
Komathi A/P Sockalingam
  • Msc Science – Universiti pendidikan Sultan Idris (2018)
  • Bsc Biotechnology – AIMST University (2015)
  • South Australian Matriculation – Taylors college (2011)
  • SPM – SMK Kalumpang (2010)
Subject: Science, Biology, English & Malay
Mohanpriya A/P Jayakumar
  • Foundation in Management – UNITAR International University (2015)
  • B.ED (Language and Literature) – UNITAR International University (2018)
Subject: Preschool
Joshua Cheong Zu Hao
  • Edexcel A Levels – Methodist College KL (2013)
  • MEng Chemical & Environment – University of Nottingham, Malaysia (2018)
Subject: English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Accounting & Chemistry
Patrick Wong Chee Wai
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce – University of Windsor, Canada
  • MBA – University of Windsor, Canada
  • Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) – The TEFL Academy, UK
Subject: English


What makes learning at Honsbridge unique and effective is the combination of:

  • Highly qualified teachers are masters of their own craft and in delivering all lessons.
  • Small class sizes (maximum of 23 students) ensure that teachers are able to focus their time and attention on individual students.
  • Dedicated supervised study and preparatory lessons for all students. The lessons promote peer learning and teachers help the students to learn independently.
  • Students who come to us from many different parts of the world. This diverse mix of nationalities ensures that all students are required to use their English skills to communicate.

This means that our students will have the best possible preparation for their examination, whilst making lifelong friendships with other pupils from around the world.

Upper Secondary

Honsbridge provides the perfect GCE ‘O’ Level/ IGCSE foundation for boys and girls, aged 11-17, seeking to prepare for secondary or higher education in Malaysia and overseas. Read More

Lower Secondary

Combines high quality language tuition with subject teaching and is designed for students leading to their GCE ‘O’ Level or IGCSE exams in 1.5 years to four years. Read More

Primary Education

Combine Standard 5 & 6 subject teaching in 1.5year leading to express 4 year GCE ‘O’ Level/ IGCSE program. Read More

Mastery Revision

The Year 6 to Year 11 revision classes offer students a head start on English, Mathematics and Science subjects i.e. to build a solid foundation to excel in their IGCSE/ O Level / A Level examinations. Read More


Early years school


Honsbridge believes in both academic and character building excellence. Hence, students are encouraged to participate in various activities throughout the year.

All students have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities at the sports centre on the roof of the building where our main campus is located. Supervised sports and activities are essential in our Extra Curricular activities (ECA) Programs.

  • Futsal
  • Dodgeball
  • Captain’s ball
  • Badminton
  • Chess
  • Relay
  • Speed walk
  • Cheerleading
  • Three-legged race

Annual Events are held at the main campus for teachers, parents and students alike. This promotes bonding within the Honsbridge community. Friendly competitions are also held at the Academy in which other schools are invited to. This helps to increase exposure and connections with other people.

  • Festive celebrations e.g. Chinese New Year, Teachers’ Day, Friendship Day
  • Honsween (Halloween)
  • Christmas Bash
  • O Level/IGCSE Graduation Party
  • Speech Day
  • College visitation
  • Study tours e.g. Brewery
  • Sports Day
  • O Level Challenge
  • Debate Challenge

Weekly specialised ECA classes are also organised to explore hidden talents of our students. This provides a platform for students to share and learn new skills with their peers.

  • Music appreciation e.g. Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Drumming, Dancing and Singing.
  • Art & crafts e.g. Making decorations for school events
  • Green challenge e.g. Recycle material to make models and presentation.
  • Chess club
  • Debate and public speaking appreciation

Sunway Giza & The Strand Mall

  • A premier shopping, leisure and entertainment haven specifically tailored to offer products & services that meet the lifestyle of neighbouring catchment. For instance, the TGV cinema is just a stone throw away from Honsbridge.

Food & Beverages

  • Students will find that there is a wide range of eateries located near the academy. There is everything from gourmet coffee such as Starbucks to yakitori and plenty of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cruisine. There are many modern styled coffee shops that serve local food delights and supermarkets that serve sushi and freshly baked pastry and bread.

Convenience Stores

  • 7-eleven, 99 Speedmart, Watson and etc

Central Park Dataran Sunway

  • A commercial complex consists of an integrated indoor sports centre (badminton & futsal courts), food courts, restaurants, retails outlets, and multi-storey covered car park.

All major banks

  • Maybank, HSBC, Alliance, RHB, Public, UOB, OCBC, CIMB, Standard Chartered, Ambank and Hong Leong

Hotel accommodation

  • De Jaya Hotel, Tune Hotel, 9 Square Hotel, Bukit Bintang Royale Damansara Hotel and i-Hotel

Top from left

Ms Izyani, Miss Komathi, Miss Kok, Mr Nava, Mr Patrick, Mr Azrul, Mr Jason, Ms Christina, Ms Normahanim, Miss Christina

Middle from left

Ms Hang, Dr Billy, Mr Bakhtiar, Ms Samantha, Ms Emma, Mr Dom, Mr Tan, Mr Ong, Mr Colin

Bottom from left

Ms Febri, Ms Yvonne, Ms Nabila, Mr Tng, Ms Saawi

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