Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities form the 2nd most important part of the Academy life after academic lessons. Students are actively engaged in a wide range of ECA, which is divided into three main areas:

Multi-disciplinary Enrichment
On a weekly basis, there are at least 2 hours of contact time which is aimed to build an individual’s confidence, critical thinking skills and self-esteem through various personal & teamwork development activities (E.g. Physical Education for more than 10 games, Debate & Public Speaking, Singing & Choir, Musical instrument appreciation, Career Bazaar Workshop & Project Presentation, Business & Entrepreneur Workshop, Cupcake Making and Mixed Martial Arts e.t.c)

School Events and Educational trips
Brewary Biology Tour, Soap Making Chemistry Tour, College campus visitation, Speech Day, Sports Day, Motivational & Study Skills Workshop, Drug Awareness Workshop and Talent Day. Further events and school activities organised included festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Easter Celebration & End term party, Mid-term tree planting, Honsween & End term party, Christmas bash & End term party for our teachers, students and parents.

At the end of the educational career at Honsbridge, students have the privilege to apply for their own ECA transcripts which are instrumental to their college and scholarship applications.


Publication Club

Badminton Club

Art Club

Futsal Club

Journalism Club

Debate Club

Dance Club

Code & S.T.E.M Club

Chess Club

Why Publication Club ?

Issuing reports and stories to the students of Honsbridge is a great way to improve English writing and learn new words in the process.

Why Badminton ?

Badminton isn’t just a game. It is a test of reflex and strength. Patience is also needed to observe the other player’s movement combining it with reflex to return the shuttle.

Why Art ?

Art is an activity where there are no rules, no boundaries and no limits. It is an activity where every child can let loose to explore their talents, nurture abstract thinking and to be who they are.

Why Futsal ?

Futsal isn’t as simple as it seems as it requires planning, training and creativeness to get around opponents.

Why Journalism ?

Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is also the product of these activities.

Why Debate ?

Debate is a formal discussion on certain topics in a meeting to try to persuade the opposing side to give in and accept the facts.

Why Dance ?

Dancing is so much more than just moving around. It allows a space where students can socialise, exercise while also building confidence in themselves.

Why Coding ?

Coding is the 20th century art, which is a skill that can be used anywhere. Therefore, it is a very crucial skill for the future.

Why Chess ?

Chess is a game that tests your intelligence, strategies and patience to annihilate your opponents. In chess, students can learn how to plan ahead while not making any unnecessary mistakes, so this is a very crucial skill in life.