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Honsbridge International Fast Track IGCSE/ O Level Programme



What makes learning at Honsbridge unique and effective is the combination of:

  • Highly qualified teachers who are masters of their own craft and in delivering all lessons.
  • Small class sizes (maximum of 23 students) ensure that teachers are able to focus their time and attention on individual students.
  • Dedicated supervised study and preparatory lessons for all students. The lessons promote peer learning and teachers help the students to learn independently.
  • Students who come to us from many different parts of the world. This diverse mix of nationalities ensures that all students are required to use their English skills to communicate.

This means that our students will have the best possible preparation for their examination, whilst making lifelong friendships with other pupils from around the world.

Honsbridge provides the perfect GCE ‘O’ Level/ IGCSE foundation for boys and girls, aged 11-17, seeking to prepare for secondary or higher education in Malaysia and overseas. Read More

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Combine Standard 5 & 6 subject teaching in 1.5year leading to express 4 year GCE ‘O’ Level/ IGCSE program. Read More

The Year 6 to Year 11 revision classes offer students a head start on English, Mathematics and Science subjects i.e. to build a solid foundation to excel in their IGCSE/ O Level / A Level examinations. Read More

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