Primary Programme

YEAR 1 to YEAR 6 (Age 5 to 12)

Entry level: Year 1 – Year 6
Start date: Jan/Oct
Duration: 2 terms – 12 terms
Completion Date: Leading to Year 6 International Checkpoint in Sept
Syllabus: Cambridge Year 9 Checkpoint

Students who have completed Honsbridge Year 6 programme will be offered direct entry into Year 7 Express / Normal Programme commencing every June or October intake annually.

* A Minimum of 5 students are needed to open a new intake/class and a maximum of 22 students per class are allowed before splitting into Two.

Students aged between 6 and 12, with a minimum of 50% in English, Mathematics and science as well as passing our own Assessment Tests.

* Students who do not meet the entry requirements will be recommended to join extra remedial lessons.

Core subjects:
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Science
4. English Literature
5. Malay
6. Mandarin
7. ICT

Enrichment Subject:
1. Computing Appreciation
2. Geography Appreciation
3. Indoor Fitness Appreciation
4. Music / Dance / Public Speaking Appreciation

Monday to Thursday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm

E- Learning classes on google platform is available commencing 18 Mar 2020
  • Face to face online learning between teachers and students in the virtual classrooms. *Worksheets and homework are submitted online for two way feedback.
  • High standard of discipline and appropriate etiquettes are exercised in the virtual classrooms.
  • E- Learning classes are held according to timetable from 8am to 2.15pm from Mon through Thu and from 8am to 12.00pm on Fri.
  • Special ECA classes are also held online after school for students to continue enjoying their ECA classes.



All core subjects will be tested monthly via quizzes along with an end term exam. Student will also be assessed via course work such as homework, class works, written assignment, group presentation, projects and role play.



Upon completion of Honsbridge Primary Programme, students will progress to LOWER Secondary Programme (Year 7) in October.

All new students are required to bring along their previous school report card/ results or relevant academic report for assessment, together with a School Leaving Certificate.

NEW STUDENT is also required to sit for an Aptitude test (Placement test), prior to registration. A one-time payment of RM100 is payable for an Aptitude test (incl. of English, Maths & Science subjects). Please confirm your interest by paying RM600 (Aptitude test & registration fee of RM500), together with birth certificate and school report (recent or last year school report) in order to confirm a place in the programme.

Primary Education (Year 1 to Year 6) Fact Sheet