Achievia Motivates Honnets at Honsbridge

Achievia, an education placement centre with aims to GPS children’s success, drops by at Honsbridge on 11th October for a workshop. Their mission: to lift up the Honnets’ spirits and prepare them for success as they face the challenging IGCSE exams. The organizers, Joie Chung and Ken Chaw, had brought along activities and ideas that will changed the way the Honnets view success in life.

First up was an Ice-breaking event where Achievia encouraged Honnets, including teachers, to get to know each other through games and small talk. This is to break the tension between Honnets while encouraging more interaction and socialization between them.

Next was a classic game of Musical Chairs. The bigger purpose of this game was to find out what type of person are the Honnets. Are they an observer, commentator or participant? Those who don’t play Musical Chairs are just observers and commentators while those who do are the participants.

The point of this game isn’t just to win or lose but to encourage Honnets to be a participant in everything if they wish to succeed in life and not sit in the sidelines just to observe or comment. Basically, don’t be someone who just hangs around Facebook and lols at event when you can be THE event.

Finally was a Goal-setting activity, where Honnets were encouraged to express what goals they wish to achieve in life. To do this, the Honnets must write down their goals and the ten steps needed to achieve them. To make it simpler for the Honnets, they just have to break their big goals to small goals that they can achieve. Such as slimming down; instead of hitting the gym in one go, they can just take walks or do small exercises for only ten minutes per day. Once they have achieved these small goals, the Honnets just reward themselves by either having a Texas Chicken or play video games during weekends. This holds true for us as it was for the Honnets. As NIKE would say: JUST DO IT!

Overall, Achievia had inspired Honnets with new ideas on how to achieve their goals, starting with facing the challenging Cambridge IGCSE exams.

Thank you, Joie Chung and Kevin Chaw of Achievia, for inspiring young minds at Honsbridge.

November 3, 2017

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