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We believe that Extracurricular Activities and Sports complement Academics perfectly. Our facilities and experienced teachers have been a catalyst toward promoting strong morale, teamwork, and quick thinking among our sports-driven students.

Honsbridge International School is home to champions as well as budding athletes in Football, Badminton, Gymnastics, Golf, Chess, and more. We support our students’ efforts in Sports and many of our students also participate in various interschool sports competitions as well as at MSSS and MSSD. 

Our Badminton and Futsal are well-established favourites with professional training conducted by experienced coaches weekly. We have also added Taekwondo and Basketball to the list of Sports at Honsbridge in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Talent and ability are not the only considerations when it comes to participation in competitions, Sportsmanship and attitude is a very important part of the equation. 

Physical Education Practical (PE P) & Physical Education Theory (PE T)

Physical Education (PE) at Honsbridge has always been an essential component of students’ experience in school. It is an important time for self-expression, enjoyment and social interaction between their peers. After giving it much thought and careful consideration, we have designed an outline of healthy living with the knowledge and skills that can fully develop the students’ athletic potential.

The transformation is both rigor and focus on having a separate PE T and PE P in the class timetable. The new curriculum framework enables the students to have a foundation for lifelong healthy living with the knowledge in fitness, nutrition, social behaviour and stress management in the current world.

At the primary level, students are competent in a variety of motor skills, movement patterns and strategies for various games. Starting from Primary 6 up to the end of lower secondary of Year 9, we embark on the new practical and theoretical aspect of PE. Students can develop an understanding of effective and safe physical performance with this new program.

The topics covered are

  1. Anatomy and physiology
  2. Health, fitness and training
  3. Skill acquisition and psychology
  4. Social, cultural and ethical influences.

Our expertise in curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment is the basis for the recognition of our programmes and qualifications around the world. The combination of  knowledge and skills in Physical Education gives learners a solid foundation for further study.

The objective of PE T is for students to:

  1. Develop their knowledge and understanding of the theory underpinning physical performance in a modern world
  2. Use and apply this knowledge and understanding to improve their performance
  3. Perform in a range of physical activities, developing skills and techniques, and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas
  4. Understand and appreciate safe practice in physical activity and sport
  5. Understand and appreciate the benefit of physical activity and sport for health, fitness and well-being
  6. Gain a sound basis for further study in the field of Physical Education

Contact us to know more about your favourite ECA society now! Interested in other sports? Talk to us! We are always looking to add more to the roster.

Sports Day

Honsbridge International Sportsday 2023

Honsbridge VS Stellaire - interschool relay

Honsbridge International Sportsday 2023

Honsbridge International Sportsday 2023

Physical Education


Honsbridge Futsal Cup 2023 with Beaconhouse International School and Stellaire International 

Badminton Friendly Match 2023

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Taekwondo Friendly Match

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