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Guilelessness is being good, innocent, and not thinking bad or doing bad things to others.Guilelessness Ways to be Guileless Think good thoughts Treat others well Be fair to others Be sweet Be gentle Be honest Behave openly and truthfully and do not try to deceive people “Stay guileless. You will have to remember less and have access to inner peace” – Nishi Tiwari  
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Courtesy is good manners and being polite, thoughtful, and respectful. Ways to be Courteous Be pleasant Be cooperative Be good Be nice Say magical words… “I am sorry,” “Thank you,” “Please,” “You are welcome” “Excuse me” “Courtesy is the one coin you can never have too much of or be stingy with” – John Wanamaker  
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Honesty is the best policy You can nurture honesty by being truthful towards your parents, teachers, and others around you. Remember, it is always best to accept a mistake with honesty instead of lying to cover it up. You can begin with small steps, such as being honest with your teacher and classmates.  
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A Feeling of Thankfulness Gratitude encourages us not only to appreciate gifts but to repay them (or pay them forward). What does practicing gratitude look like? Being present at the moment’ Say ‘Being thankful’ Expressing appreciation to another person Sending a card Seeing the positive in a situation Repaying a favour Random acts of kindness Noticing the simple things Finding the lesson or purpose in a tough situation Smile Never Read More
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Good manners

Good Manner

Good manners cost nothing. By practicing basic good manners, we are showing those around us that we respect them and are considerate to their feelings. This makes them feel better, and us too. Here are 10 simple and basic manners to follow: Say ‘Please’ Say ‘Thank You’ Wait Your Turn Say ‘Excuse Me’ Ask Permission Knock on Closed Doors Don’t Use Foul Language Don’t Tease Say ‘Pardon Me’ Offer to Read More
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