Assembly Notes

Assembly Notes 3 Nov 2020

Dear parents and students, This week during assembly we shared about 1) Message from our Board of Governor, Ms Emma 2) Knowledge challenge groups 3) Scholarship and financial aid from INTI 4) Honsbridge Orientation crossword winners 5) New students’ survey 6) Leadership teams accepted application 7) Discipline 8) Reminder a. 13/11-16/11 Deepavali holiday b. No enrichment for this week. c. Friday PE schedule on 6/11 would be rehearsal and selection of team name for 2020 knowledge challenge. d. Meeting for HPC and Prefect for hosting 2020 knowledge challenge. assembly_notes_3nov

Assembly Notes 27 Oct 2020

Dear teachers parents and students, Today during assembly, we shared about: 1) Message from board of Governor Ms. Emma 2) Discipline issue on student’s google meet profile picture. 3) Enrichment preparation for 2020 Knowledge Challenge 4) Reminder a) Public holiday on 29/10/2020 b) Revision class on Friday Attached is the assembly notes for your perusal. assembly_notes_27oct

Assembly Notes 20 Oct 2020

Dear Parents and Students, Today during assembly we shared about: 1) Stay safe and be disciplined on your online learning 2) Leadership committee application 3) School December Holiday Lessons 4) Students code of conduct for online lessons 5) Friday PE arrangement on 23 Oct 2020. Attached is the assembly notes for your perusal. assembly_notes_20oct

Assembly Notes 13 Oct 2020

Dear parents, teachers and students, During this week assembly, we shared about:- 1) Message from our board of Governor Ms. Emma a. Honsbridge Knowledge Challenge 2020 b. Letter students to go for their IGCSE exam during the CMCO. 2) New teachers – Ms. Zila, Ms. Valerie, Mr. Bailey 3) Online class arrangement 4) Student leadership committee application 5) Fake Instagram account 6) Discipline – online lessons rules 7) Revision class and Friday PE arrangement Attached is the assembly notes for your perusal. assembly_notes_13oct

Assembly Notes 6 Oct 2020

Dear teachers, parents and students. This week during assembly, we shared 1) Message from Board of Governor, Ms. Emma. 2) Student leadership committee application 3) Class housekeeping monthly winners 4) Safety SOP for COVID19 prevention 5) Enrichment – etiquette of online classes. 6) Discipline 7) Reminder – PE assembly_notes_6oct