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Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021
By Teoh Xiu Jong

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year and Spring Festival are among the names which are commonly used to commemorate one of the most important celebrations among the Chinese community. During this festive season, many individuals will flock home to celebrate with their family members.

Traditionally, celebrations will usually begin on the eve itself and it will continue until the 15th day. However, due to the revised guidelines set by the government, Malaysians are only allowed to travel within 10 kilometers radius with no interstate and interdistrict travelling.

To keep up with the digital era and the need to stay at home with hopes to flatten the curve, Honsbridge International has organised many activities for this celebration.

All students, primary and secondary, with the assistance from their respective homeroom teachers have carried out various unique and interesting activities planned by the Mandarin Department, namely Miss Sunny (Primary) and Mr Tang (Secondary). Arts and crafts activities, singing and poem recital were performed by our talented students. Their homeroom teachers have recorded the process and the video was uploaded to our Facebook page.

From those videos, the school organised 2021 Honsbridge Chinese New Year Talent Show. Students, parents, teachers and even public were allowed to view the video and hit the ‘like’ button on Facebook to show their utmost support.
Below is the summary of the results from the competition:

Champion – SJ8 (HRT: Miss Saktis)
1st Runner Up – SJ10 (HRT: Mr Tang)
2nd Runner Up – SJ11 (HRT: Miss Sunny)

Champion – G26A (HRT: Miss Kasmani)
1st Runner Up – J18C (HRT: Miss Teoh)
2nd Runner Up – J20 (HRT: Miss Fadilla)


For senior students, they were given the opportunity to unleash their potential in Chinese language by participating in an essay writing competition followed by reading it aloud. Jolene Lee (G24A) won the hearts of many and became the Champion for the competition. The 1st and 2nd Runner Ups are Wong Hwe Hui (G24B) and Shawn Liew (G24A) respectively.
Despite not being able to celebrate this event physically, we are glad that the e-celebration was a successful one for all of us. In Honsbridge International, we do not only prioritise solely in academics but to also nurture our students holistically.


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