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Chinese New Year Celebration 24 Jan 2014

Dear Avid Readers,

Sometime after the successful Launch of the New Honsbridge on the 11 Jan 2014 , the Honsbridge Principal Committee (HPC) asked if they can organise the next event for the school, the Chinese New Year Celebration. The HPC is headed by Yvonne Tan, Rafdian Nahri and their other amazing team members. The celebration was held on the 24 Jan 2014 and it was organised so that the school also celebrated the Teachers’ birthday for Ms Samantha, Miss Alicia and Miss Farah.

The Principal also gave out the Cash presentations to the Winners of the Career Bazaar namely Santhakumar, Rafdian Nahri, Lim Khean Hoe, Hadib Han. Along with the Career Bazaar Winners, cash prizes were given out to the students namely Shaun Leong, Lim Khean Hoe and Esther Gan who helped out at Honsbridge Star Education Fair in Dec 2013. Not forgetting to mention was the Ang Pow Presentation to the amazing Honsbridge Principal Committee who have helped the Principal organised a series of successful school events since formation in Oct 2013. A job well done to Yvonne Tan of G9 and her fantastic committee.

The CNY celebration ended with a series of festive Chinese New Year Songs and the teachers organised a series of Lou Hei Ceremonies for all the students and teachers. Honsbridge is very happy to give our students and teachers the first Lou Hei in the Year of the Horse.
Last but not the least, the school wishes to apologise to the parents for any inconveniences due to students leaving school late on that Friday.

On the same note, 24 Jan 2014 was also the day that the O Level/ IGCSE results were released for the G8 graduates of Honsbridge. We wish the school the very best of luck when the Principal gets the results at the British Council.

Alicia for Honsbridge

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