Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment
by Jim Rohn

At Honsbridge, all teachers are dedicated to maintain good discipline in the growing school. This is in hope that the students will be serious about good upbringing that the school is enforcing together with parents’ support. The concern is that most students take discipline lightly because it is often unaddressed in their former schools. At Honsbridge, we try our best to build good student attitude. Hence the time and resources allocated to no the counselling students and facilitating Detention Corrective Service.

During orientation, all new students will be briefed on the school rules. A copy of the school rules is on the school wall for record. From the consistent and effective discipline management of students’ attitude and behaviour, many students have been corrected for their poor discipline and graduated from Honsbridge with much improved character to succeed in their educational career.

The school however understands that the effectiveness of student’s discipline management is subjected to parents’ understanding and enforcement outside of school. We welcome parents to contact us and update us on how best to support the students.

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