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Eagle Ranch Resort


On the 13th of December, the teachers of Honsbridge went on a one stay at the Eagle Ranch Resort in Port Dickson. Eagle Ranch is a Western-themed resort where Malaysians can relive their cowboy fantasies while relaxing and dining in places inspired by the Wild West.

But Honsbridge teachers aren’t here to re-enact the OK Corral. They’re here for a team-building exercise.

The teachers start their trip with a sea-rafting exercise near the beach. Yes, there’s a beachside near a Western-themed resort because anything is possible! Anyway, with the help of the resort’s guides, the teachers began by building a raft made with a stack of bamboo and barrels, tying them together with ropes under the hot sun. They then bring the raft to the sea and row it. Their mission: Get the red flag floating on the sea. There are setbacks; such as the uncooperative sea currents; but despite these, the teachers managed to get the flag and returned to the beach. All of these through the power of teamwork.

In the next event, the Honsbridge teachers went on a treasure hunt. The resort guide gave them an objective: Find the location of the images in the resort as shown on the lists she has given out. Divided into two teams, the teachers went their ways. Each team have their own unique way of treasure hunting: Team A splits themselves to cover more areas; while Team B huddle together to find clues. In the end, Team B wins, thanks to their combined brainstorming and determination.

When the sun is down, the teachers went on a night trip in Port Dickson to the Lexis Hibiscus Resort. The resort recently bagged accolades from Guinness World Records for the most swimming pools and overwater villas in a resort. The teachers hung out, took photos and later went up the Sky Lounge to see the Hibiscus Resort in all its glory: An overwater resort shaped like, of course, a hibiscus flower.

The next day, after a wonderful breakfast buffet, the teachers had a meeting about the upcoming Sports Day 2018. The teachers discussed about leadership and teamwork while planning for the Sports Day.

After the meeting, the teachers played a management game of Toxic Waste Zone. The objective: tie ropes around a bamboo cylinder containing two Ping-Pong balls and bring it to another spot. Sounds simple, until you realised about the rules such as not crossing into the circle and tie the rope by making a loop around the bamboo. It was actually more fun to play than it sounds.

After the game and a hearty lunch, the teachers returned to Honsbridge.

Honsbridge would like to thank the Eagle Ranch Resort for their cooperation. We hope to visit again, maybe with the Honnets, for more team-building events.

December 15, 2017

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