End Of Term 2 Examination - Honsbridge International School - Exceeding Expectations

End Of Term 2 Examination

From 17 August 2021 to 30 August 2021, students of Honsbridge International, from Primary to Secondary (examination dates may differ according to Years), have sat for their Term 2 Examination via online mode.


Despite the need to sit for this examination from the comfort of their homes, it did not deter any students from finding it challenging to complete it. Students were briefed on the rules set prior to this period, adding that many of them have taken the necessary effort to ensure that they have all the required materials beforehand. Additionally, students took the initiative to revise their work, either independently or with their peers which promotes a positive learning experience. Furthermore, students were not shy to seek help from their teachers.


On the other hand, committed and trained teachers were able to invigilate students when they were sitting the examination. All examination papers were vetted in several phases and were scheduled for our students to retrieve according to the examination timetable set. During the examination, teachers ensure that all students follow the examination rules such as the position of their web cameras to the quality of their submissions.


Now that this examination is over, it is time for our students to be rewarded with their much-deserved break.