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Honsbridge International School's Team

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Our mission is to serve the close knit community of Honsbridge teachers, staff, students and their families to best we can. Honsbridge prides ourselves in that our two founders; Ms Emma and Mr Dom continue to serve the community to this day. 


Both our Principal, Ms Diana and our Senior Consultant, Ms Hang who has grown with the school since 2016 mentor every teacher and student. They believe in training teachers to be encouraging and have the highest expectations of our students constantly. Also, they believe in identifying and solving problems proactively to improve our school. 


These are the core values that are instilled in our teachers and staff to support the self and the community. Our teachers and staff are empowered to take up new roles and learn new skills from time to time. To any prospective staff and teachers who seeks to excel and belong in a nurturing learning environment, please contact us at hr@honsbridge.edu.my.


Staff Intro Videos

Ms Diana : Principal of Honsbridge International School

Ms Sarah : Academic Head of Honsbridge International School

Ms Teoh : Upper Secondary Division Leader