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About Us

Principal’s Welcome Note

Hello, I am Diana Ng, the principal of Honsbridge International School. 

I was previously the Head of Programme at Honsbridge before Ms Hang handed over the principal’s responsibilities. I have worked closely with her and Ms Emma to build up a school culture with a sense of belonging and enjoy the little things in our lives.

I have seen how the academic and non-academic staff members work together over the past two years. Taking the lead to change during the MCO with the lockdown and online learning was the most exciting part. The uncertainty and being pioneers to jump into uncharted waters is the spirit instilled in all our Honnets. 

It is the spirit our teachers embody as well, as they are our most important asset. We value them with trust to do their best with online learning to be as good as what they have done for traditional physical classes. They are empowered to keep the classroom alive from a distance. It is a monumental task to adapt for everyone. Also, not to forget all the effort of our dedicated parents, who are very responsive whenever teachers need help. 

If you look into our website or any of our social media accounts, you will be able to witness the liveliness of our virtual school environment. Teachers have become great producers to showcase all our students’ talents. 

Together with my teachers and administrative staff, we build bridges, exceeding expectations of what parents want and our students can achieve. 

I am here to continue to give parents the confidence and trust they have with Ms Emma, Mr Dom and Ms Hang. Students here are well taken care of, and they can grow strong, not forgetting their roots. My door is always open for any parents or students whom would like to share anything and have a heart to heart talk. 

See you in school soon as we reopen to welcome students back to enjoy school life once more, whether it is to continue online, hybrid or physical. Blended learning using online resources and google classroom is here to stay. Therefore, embrace yourself for more exciting news! 

Principal of Honsbridge 
Since 2019
Diana Ng
Msc Chemistry,UPJV, France
BTech Polymer,USM,Malaysia 

Our Motto

“Building Bridges, Exceeding Expectations” illustrates the Honsbridge ethos and our desire to equip our students with the skills they need to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

Key Of Success

Our students benefit not only from outstanding academic tuition, but also from a nurturing environment which gives them the time and space to develop as individuals and to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.

GCSE, IGCSE and GCE are UK qualifications equivalent to SPM qualifications. For further information on these qualifications, please look it up here for IGCSE information.These courses are taught in the English language as such the examinations use the English scripts only. We can consider GCSE and IGCSE as very valuable qualifications, because they are recognised worldwide as the basic admission requirement to higher education.

As part of my continuous quest for learning, my education and career pathways have taken me abroad besides my home, Malaysia. Therefore, I can share with you the various providers of these valuable educations.
  1. In UK, GCSE is available with several examination boards. e.g. Edexcel, OCR and AQA.
  2. In Singapore secondary schools, private schools and tuition centres is available with Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board.
  3. In Malaysia international schools e.g. Garden International School, Alice Smith International School and several others, IGCSE are available with CIE board or Edexcel.

In Malaysia, the majority of students follow the national education curriculum, leading to higher education. There are some students whose parents can afford the very high school fees and living expenses at the above mentioned schools, these students shall follow the international education curriculum. 

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.