On 11th October, 32 Honnets along with teachers, Ms Florence, Mr Bakhtiar, Ms Samantha and Mr Dom as their chaperones, set out to Lumut for an outdoor experience at the Outward Bound. Outward Bound is an international, non-profit, independent outdoor-education organization with approximately 40 schools around the world including Malaysia. OB programs aim to foster the personal growth and social skills of participants by using challenging expeditions in the outdoors.

Impressively, all Honnets showed up on time at 4:30am for registration, especially when it was drizzling. They boarded the bus and departed at 5am. It was a long 4 hours’ drive to Lumut, Perak roughly 238 km drive along the coastal line. Along the way, the Honnets made a few stops for toilet break and pit stop at the mamak stall at Sitiawan for a recharge (Though they’ve somehow missed out on Sitiawan’s famous biscuits and delicious loh mee! Why?!).

Anyway, the Honnets continued their journey and arrived at Outward Bound, Lumut. They received a warm welcome by the camp’s well-trained staff, including Karl, head of safety. Karl briefed the Honnets on necessary safety procedures while staying at Outward Bound, including do’s and don’ts such as no wall climbing without permission and no going into the jungle with a guide. It’s safety first for the Honnets.

Soon, the Honnets gather together at an open area within the camp to do some icebreaking; that is to bond and mingle with each other as well as network with other campers. They then play teambuilding games such as Fire, squirrel and trees and the Magic Circle; both games teach Honnets how communicate, collaborate and cultivate teamwork and develop trust.

Day One begins after lunch when the Honnets went on a jungle trek. Here, the Honnets learned how to read maps and use the compass to get to their destination. During this trek, the Honnets played a Treasure Hunt where they have to find missing letters to form a sentence. To play, they must gather info by finding clues with the coordinates given. The Treasure Hunt, overall, taught Honnets on the importance of leadership & teamwork. This is apparent during a rope climb whereby the leader holds the rope on the hill while his teammates climb together. Adolphus, who held the rope, demonstrated good leadership. In the end, the Honnets found the missing words and piece them together to become ‘I Love Honsbridge’.

In the evening, after dinner, they played some fun activities. They mingled, danced and have chit-chats. After which, they had a team building exercise that required communication, problem solving, teamwork, creativity and leadership. After the activities, they returned to their hostels, shower and sleep. A lot of them stayed up very late to play and chit-chat.

On Day Two, the Honnets got up early to get ready for assembly at the camp square by 6:30. They first sang the National Anthem and the Honsbridge school song. Then the Honnets do warm-up exercises and stamina training such as jogging, jumping jacks and push-ups

The final activity for the Honnets is design and build a water raft out of PVC pipes, barrels and rope. Divided into three teams, this activity taught the Honnets the value of teamwork and leadership. They first argued and debated on how to build a raft. Eventually, each team picked a leader and worked together to build a raft within a limited time. Their mission is to rescue their three teachers who are ‘stranded’ at the sea.

After the raft-building activity, the Honnets were given a final debriefing, which talked about the importance of teamwork and leadership.

The Honnets then were given the Outward Bound Certificate of Attendance in Leadership Development and a large photo-op. Then, with heavy hearts, they packed up their bags, cleaned up their hostels and left the camp. They boarded their bus and departed at 2pm for a four journey home and arrived at 7pm. They had lots of fun on their way home.

Within just one night, the Outward Bound camping trip have given tons of fun and experience to our fellow Honnets. Not only the Honnets had fun jungle trekking and play outdoor activities, they also learn the value of leadership and teamwork, essential for facing the IGCSE exams in the near future.

Inspired by Outward Bound, Honsbridge hopes to develop more leaders in the future by launching a Honsbridge Adventure Club focusing on outdoor activities that will teach future Honnets on leadership and teamwork.

October 13, 2017


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