Honsbridge Interschool Debate Challenge April 2015

All information can be found on the Honsbridge inter school debate challenge Facebook group. Simply join the group by visiting our Facebook. Here attached with the invitation letter and please register online here

Outline of important information

Debate Challenge Rules
1. Style: Asian Parliamentary Debate
2. Members: Three per team.
1st Speaker/Prime Minister; 2nd Speaker/Deputy Prime Minister; 3rd Speaker/Whip
1st Speaker/Leader of the Opposition; 2nd Speaker/Deputy Leader; 3rd Speaker/Whip
3. Time: Five (5) minutes per speaker.
4. POI: Not allowed.
5. Computers and/or Cell Phones: Not allowed in classroom.
6. Double Elimination. Upon first loss team goes into losers bracket and continues to compete. Upon second loss team is eliminated from the competition.
7. Adjudicators: Must be neutral, cannot judge team from own school.
8. Dress Code: Formal.
Boys: Shirts and ties, jackets if possible.
Girls: No skirts above the knee.
9. Procedure: Teams will draw affirmative or negative upon reaching the assigned classroom. Teams will be given the resolution and have 15 minutes to prepare. There will be one minute maximum time between speakers. Teams will be marked down for personal insults or foul language.
10. Time Keeping: Time will be kept by the adjudicator. Students will be given 1 knock with 60 seconds left. Two knocks means time is up and the sentence should be finished and the student shall sit down.

All participants are advised to do research and be prepared for the following 50 topics Issues that may or may not arise during the debates:
1. School/education/homework
2. Community Service
3. MH 370
4. Sex education
5. Bullying
6. Social media
7. World Cup/Olympics
8. Veganism/vegitarianism
9. Renewable energy
10. Foreign aid
11. Free speech
12. Human cloning
13. Cell Phones
14. Space exploration/colonization
15. Mixed Martial Arts/violent sports
16. Democracy
17. Death penalty/corporal punishment
18. Tax rates/taxes
19. Minimum driving age
20. Online music sharing
21. Video games
22. Copyrights/piracy
23. Internet/Wifi
24. GST (replacing smoking)
25. Recyling
26. Gender selection
27. Animal testing
28. Drone attacks
29. Same sex marriage
30. Television
31. Assisted suicide
32. Cosmetic surgery
33. Zoos
34. Junk food/soda/diabetes
35. Censorship
36. The sale of human organs
37. Beauty contests
38. The United Nations
39. Nuclear weapons
40. Animal rights
41. Torture
42. Climate change
43. Violent Lyrics
44. Genetically modified organisms/food
45. Newspapers
46. Bribery
47. Universal healthcare
48. Sustainable Development
49. Robots
50. Cyborgs

Popular Q&A for the Honsbridge Hb Interschool Debate Challenge 2015:
1) Please clarify the junior and senior division specially on document
If the team of 3 students are 14 years old and younger on the 1 Jan 2015 will automatically be classed Junior Division. If any student in the team of 3 students are above 14 years old on the 1 Jan 2015 will automatically be classed Senior Division.

2) Could you confirm a certificate of participation?
Yes, each participant will be awarded a certificate when they complete Debate Challenge for the two days. There will also be trophies and prizes to be won for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of both the Knowledge and Debate Challenge.

3) Is it an inter-team debate or are they presenting one by one?
It’s inter-team of 3 students who will compete against the other team of 3 students. Not one by one.

4) limit of number of teams per school
There is no limit to the no. of teams. In the past, schools have sent between 2 to 10 teams of Junior and Seniors division.

5) Specific program itinerary for the two days,29th and 30th August,2015
See poster here

April 8, 2015

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