Honsbridge Returns to De Luxe with the Juniors


Once again, Honsbridge returned to De Luxe on 11th October, this time it’s the Juniors’ turn. Junior brought along many gifts as they boarded the bus, which left at around 9:15 am.

Once the Juniors arrived, they gave the elderly gifts such as instant noodles and household items. They also connect with the elderly by conversing with and befriending them. The dedicated staff led by Dr KC Goh helped with the Honnets on how to befriend the elderly. While the Junior Honnets warmed up with the elderly, they also interviewed them. Overcoming language and age barriers, the Juniors managed to find some fascinating stories from the elders.

One of the elderly Zi Shuen interviewed is an anonymous lady. She said to her that she is alone and misses her home and children, which she expressed herself with sadness. This moved Zi Shuen to tears.

On the other hand, an elderly named Kok Eaik Sim is happy to see Lavitt Karna of J12B. Lavitt overcame language barriers thanks to his friend, Ryan, and managed to find some facts about her. Such as, both of her two children are working in Sydney; and that she has now ten grandchildren. She is currently diagnosed with cancer which explains her staying at De Luxe. Also, she loves kuay teow.

Chelsie Mak of J12B found out that 82 year old Khaw Siew Yong lived in De Luxe because she has no maid to care for her. Originally from Penang, she moved with her son ever since her husband passed. Despite this, her son visits her every week and she is surrounded by her friends at De Luxe.

Much like the Seniors, who’ve previously visited the elderly at De Luxe, the Juniors too appreciated the struggles and sacrifices they have faced to raise their families. Through their life experiences, the Juniors discovered a history of Malaysia not written in any of their Cambridge IGCSE textbooks.

At the end of the trip, the Juniors took a group photo of themselves along with the elderly in front of De Luxe and went home, with newfound understanding of the elderly and the lives they have led.

Once again, we thank De Luxe Retirement Home for helping with bridging the generation gap between the young Honnets of today and the oldest generation of Malaysians. They have become an inspiration and role models for Honnets to aspire to.

We hope to visit them again someday.





November 3, 2017

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