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Something this way comes to Honsbridge on 6th of October.

It’s Honsween once again!

Honnets and teachers alike dressed up in their ghoulish costumes to scare themselves up a party.

Honsween began at 9:45 for a photo event where Honnets take photos of themselves. This was special for G16 Honnets as Honsween was their last day in Honsbridge together, so the photo moment was what they want to keep and share for memories said. Each photo-shoot is about RM1, a total of it will be donated to the old folks’ homes within Petaling Jaya.

Then, the Honnets gather at the hall to mingle around and have fun while taking selfies and exchange ideas. Especially G16 Honnets who were saying their last goodbyes together with their mates after their graduation.

Next, a parade of Halloween costumes as worn by Honnets and teachers alike. The Honnets were divided into their respective houses: White, Purple, Yellow and Green. Each Honnet dressed as their favourite characters from various anime, movies and comics. In the end, the Green House won 1st place, with White House in 3rd followed by Yellow in 2nd.

Meanwhile, the Honnets watched a movie which is compilation of scares from popular horror movies including Annabelle and the Conjuring. They have a frightful time of their life.

Alongside the events, there was also a fundraiser, where Honnets sell snacks and mystery drinks to raise money for charity. The mystery drinks include Vampire Saliva, Rapunzel Shampoo, Pancreatic Juice, Holy Water and of course, Bloody Mary. You can probably guess the flavours judging by the names. Much like the photo-booth, the total funds will be donated to old folks’ homes as charity

There was also a mystery box contest where Honnets put their hands in a box, feel an item and try to guess. If the Honnets guessed correctly, they get to win a snack bar.

It’s also worth mentioning that this Honsween was also the last day for Honnets of G16. These esteemed Honnets have graduated from Honsbridge. To celebrate their high forecast results in their Cambridge IGCSE exams, Honsbridge put up a pizza party in their honour.

Honsbridge continues to provide more fun with Cambridge IGCSE for Honnets.

Happy Honsween 2017, everyone!




October 6, 2017

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