IGCSE 2017 IS ON!!

So here it is.

The moment of truth.

After months of gruelling practice, hard-work and determination, our Honnets are prepared for this.

The Cambridge IGCSE exams.

It will be a week of endurance and challenges as Honnets fight through tough questions and decisions while facing the IGCSE exams

So don’t give up, Honnets! For those who don’t make it, just remember there’s always a second chance in life to be better person. For those do make it, don’t rest on your laurels just yet! There are still tougher challenges ahead beyond school life, so be prepared.

Once the exams are over, be ready for a field trip on the 28th of November as Honnets go for another camping trip. While the City Camping Park in Cheras is not as big as the Lumut trip, it would still be a fun and smaller adventure for the Honnets.

Honnets will learn how to cook food, collect firewood and other survival skills. Later, they will play the Low Rope Obstacle course at the camp.

Challenges await the Honnets, be it in exams or camping.

Never surrender, Honnets!


November 16, 2017

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    thank u admin. my mothers said that becarefull when walk away

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