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Last day for SJ6, J18 and G24 students

Last day for SJ6, J18 and G24 students
By Miss Teoh Xiu Jong

15 September 2021 marks the last day for SJ6 (Year 6), J18 (Year8) and G24 (Year 11) of this academic year. How time flies! 

Even though these batches of students spent most of the time attending online lessons, it didn’t stop any of them from ending it in a memorable way – virtual class party! 

Students, with their homeroom teachers, had a blast watching movies together. Besides that, they also shared their memorable moments with each other before bidding their goodbyes. 

For SJ6 students, they will be promoted to Secondary students. As for J18 students, some of them will be moving to Year 9 while others have been promoted to Year 10 due to their excellent academic performance. On the other hand, G24 students have finally completed their studies and will be preparing for their upcoming examinations, namely Cambridge IGCSE and O Level. 

On behalf of Honsbridge International, we would like to express our best wishes to all our students in their future endeavours. We have built many bridges together and definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations.


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