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Leadership Camp

2019 Leadership Camp

The end of the calendar year in November is an exciting time for our secondary students, especially those in the leadership team. They consist of members from class monitors, mentors, prefect, sports committee, and events committee (HPC) who are looking forward to this bonding time with their teammates. It is a field trip outside the classroom with an overnight stay!

The last leadership camp was in 2019 at Borga before the COVID19 MCO lockdown. All our students’ leaders share a common trait, to be successful. During the camp, they show empathy by helping the weaker members to complete the physical challenges, flying fox, wall climbing and tracking. Their adaptability to stay in the wilderness, sharing rooms in bunker beds with other students and waking up early before 6 in the morning, to go hiking in the dark was not in their comfort-zone that was agreeable to their natural biological clock.


The courage to try new things during field trips such as kayaking. They practice their communication skills among their team-mates during sports activities and help to create an atmosphere which ensures that they have an exceptional experience at the end of the trips.