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New Scientific Models

A new batch of scientific models has arrived at Honsbridge. They may look like toys, but they do help a lot in teaching Honnets about science.

One model is a mini wind tunnel which will help Honnets understand aerodynamics. This model consists mostly of an airplane-shaped figure and a fan encased in a small plastic tunnel. Once turned on, Honnets can see how a plane can flow along or against the air as it flies.

Another is a model shaped like a miniature roller coaster, including loops and slides. The model works by sliding the model down and watch it go round the loops without falling. This equipment teaches Honnets about centrifugal forces.

Next is a model which simulates wind power by winding up a red fan to generate air so that another fan turns. The fast the fan turns, the more it creates electrical energy to power the light bulb. More than showing how energy works, this small model could inspire Honnets to discover newer, cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel.

There are plenty other scientific models that can teach many areas of science, such as electromagnetics and physics. These models aim to educate Honnets about science and how they can inspire them about how the world works.


December 8, 2017

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  1. That’s super exciting. However, most of the experiments presented I seen already during my High school education 🙂

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