PREFECT PIONEER PROGRAM: The Search for a Perfect Prefect.

Long ago (that is 26th October 2017), three teachers, Mrs Samantha, Mr Bakhtiar and Mr Dom, had a meeting. They have devised a plan to encourage leadership among the Honnets. Thus born, the PREFECT PIONEER PROGRAM!

The PREFECT PIONEER PROGRAM (3P for short) is program to elect leaders among the Honnets. Its goal is to create mature, responsible leaders out of Honnets.

What is a prefect? In the ancient Roman Empire, a prefect was a formal title given to officials in charge of an area. Today, Honsbridge confers the title of prefect upon selected Honnets who will act as leaders in this centre.

The Honnets will be chosen as prefects by going through this process:

  1. Applicants must fill in the application form for the role of prefect
  2. Applicants will then be interviewed
  3. A team of students will be nominated
  4. An organization chart will be finalized
  5. A team of prefects will elected.

A prefect must display leadership qualities such as confidence and charisma. She must also maintain a perfect behavioural report such as observing school rules, being punctual and being well-mannered. She must be a role model towards her fellow Honnets by motivating them to be better students. Most importantly, she must represent Honsbridge as the centre’s great ambassador.

With this Prefect Pioneer Program, Honsbridge aims to grow Honnets into role-models and leaders for future generations. Being a prefect also adds privilege to those who has studied hard for the Cambridge IGCSE.

Good luck, future leaders!

November 3, 2017

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