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Primary Programme Letter

September 2022

Kangaroo Math Competition

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is the world’s largest mathematics competition, with over 6 million participants from 93 countries, including Malaysia. Under the guidance of Ms Saktis, Ms Yani and Mr Kevin, the school has successfully registered 12 students from the Upper and Lower Primary Divisions. On 17 June 2022 (Friday), 12 students opted for a physical option whereby they were required to be placed in a room with tables separated, similar to an examination setting. The students who have registered for this option are as follow:


Upper and Lower Primary (Physical)

Category (Pre-Ecolier)

  1. Arush (SJ12/Y1)
  2. Valerie (SJ11/Y2)
  3. Noah (SJ11/Y2)
  4. Hayven (SJ11/Y2)
  5. Haydee (SJ11/Y2)

Category (Ecolier)

  1. Oscar (SJ10/Y3)
  2. Suebiksha (SJ10/Y3)
  3. Alexander (SJ10/Y3)
  4. Aarushi (SJ10/Y3)
  5. Caroline (SJ10/Y3)


On 18 June 2022 (Saturday), two students opted for an online option whereby they were required to follow certain rules, including having the web camera positioned at a particular angle. The two students are as follows:


Upper and Lower Primary (Online)


Category (Pre-Ecolier)

  1. Abhiram Reddy Kasireddy (SJ11/Y2)

Category (Ecolier)

  1. Ram Anandh Thaneemalai (SJ9/Y4)

Results are yet to be released from the organiser.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition (30 June)

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition (QCEC) is the world's oldest international writing competition for schools, established in 1883. Under Ms Diyana, the school has submitted nine essays written by the Year 6/SJ7 students for the Junior Category (participants below age 14). Results are expected to be released in October this year. Below is the list of the participants:



In 2021, a total of 4 students from the SJ6 / Year 6 students participated in the Junior Category under the guidance of Ms Christina. Three students have achieved the Gold Award, and one has the Silver Award.

Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Daerah (MSSD) events

Cross Country
Five of our Primary students participated in the MSSD Merentas Desa (Cross Country) 2022. We are extremely proud of our Primary students for their participation.



  1. Solomon Teh - SJ9 / Year 4
  2. Ng Haotong (Quinton) - SJ8 / Year 5
  3. Adam Herman Mak - SJ8 / Year 5
  4. Khor Jin Zhe (Ray) - SJ8 / Year 5
  5. Oladimeji Grace - SJ8 / Year 5


Six of our Primary students participated in the MSSD Badminton 2022. We are extremely proud of our Primary students for their participation.



  1. Solomon Teh - SJ9 / Year 4
  2. Ng Haotong (Quinton) - SJ8 / Year 5
  3. Declan Thai Heng Heey - SJ8 / Year 5
  4. Athena Koo Zhiyi - SJ8 / Year 5
  5. Aqeesha Lee Su May - SJ8 / Year 5
  6. Kong Zi Rong - SJ7 / Year 6

Two of our Primary students, Solomon Teh SJ9 / Year 4 and Ng Haotong (Quinton) SJ8 / Year 5 managed to proceed to the Quarterfinals for the Under 12 category. We are proud to announce that Ng Haotong (Quinton) SJ8 / Year 5 has emerged as the champion for the Under 12 category in Badminton. Congratulations!


Artistic Gymnastics
Our Primary student, Caroline Emma Furze Xuan Xuan SJ10 / Year 3, has competed in the Artistic Gymnastic MSSD competition for Honsbridge. Congratulations on her skills on the Beam, Vault and Floor routine to achieve 7th place.

Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Selangor (MSSS) events

We are proud of our school athlete, Ng Haotong (Quinton) SJ8 / Year 5, who has won the Bronze Medal for Men Double Under 12 category. Congratulations!


Artistic Gymnastics
We are also proud of our student, Alexander Alistair Furze Xue You SJ10 / Year 3, for receiving a Gold Medal with his teammates for Petaling Utama District.

In addition, he also won a Silver Medal for his individual floor routine and successfully secured 7th place for his vault. Congratulations!

Primary Daily System and Routine

Toilet Pass
The introduction of toilet passes is to make sure students respect their restroom privileges. In some cases, students just use the toilet to socialise and play with their friends. In more severe cases, students intentionally use the toilet for long periods of time to skip class altogether. For them, the
restroom is a place to hide from their assignments and teachers. Toilet passes provide a way to track students when they’re using the restroom. It is important to track students. These passes help make sure that the toilets will not need to be closed down. Until students respect their restroom privileges, it is important that they use the toilet passes.

Toilet Etiquettes
Several reminders were pasted on the walls of the Level 1, Primary toilets. These reminders help students to follow the rules to keep the toilets clean at all times.


Prep Diary

The continuous usage of the Prep Diary by Ms Christina makes sure the Primary students learn to work independently and ensure that the work given is completed. We also believe that this encourages the development of focus, personal self-discipline, priorities, preparations, and the execution of work among our Primary students. At the same time, we hope that some of these new changes will help our students develop a sense of responsibility for their learning.


Goals Setting Forms
We also have the Primary students set goals that give them long-term vision and short-term motivation. We believe setting goals for exams and a behaviour change will help students to organise their time and resources so that they can make the most of their schooling life.


Attitude Index - Merit and Demerit System
The merit/demerit system is a discipline guide for all students at Honsbridge International. The school administration expects students to be well-disciplined and maintain the highest standards.


Primary Reading Program
-The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading for pleasure can benefit a child’s education, social and cognitive development, their well-being, and their mental health.
- The Primary Reading Program is run by Ms Christina to help students who are having difficulties grasping their reading skills. She also focuses on developing their phonics skills for better reading and comprehension experiences.
- Students who are suggested by subject teachers will be given support and guidance during PE or HRT sessions.

September 2021

Right-brain development.

The functions that are related to imagination, expression and creativity are of foremost importance which should be nurtured in the early years. We take pride in our students' work where they were given opportunities to showcase their best work during assembly when there were special events such as the 2021 Teachers’ Day and Mothers’ Day. Cultural exposure to understand Hari Raya Aldilfitri and Merdeka Day. During each celebration, the lower primary  spent the enrichment time to work on art and craft which their homeroom teacher proudly shares during assemblies.


We organised a special art workshop with a specific theme for the primary classes to sharpen their art skill. They have produced many wonderful submissions after learning about Mexican culture. Hence, there was an international and foreign exposure to our students. In their ICT classes, the medium was not limited to working on paper but also in digital form in the Primary 1 to Primary 2. Coding classes have started in the Primary 3 to Primary 6 ICT classes, whereby students are learning to be creator instead of just merely consumer of technology.


One of the most enjoyable times for the students in the past 4 months was the 2021 E- speech day inJune 2021 where they expressed themselves with ‘I have a dream’ production and costume design and Honsbridge’s Got Talent competition.


Our students also look forward to the end of every week, as it is the big exciting time for Friday E-PE. Everyone is loud and expressive to discover their forgotten muscles together with their classmates. Their motor skills of balancing and coordination are as important as any others.


On MSSD in 2021, our school encourages all students to participate in the various events available through the virtual platforms that were organised. Badminton is the most popular amongst our students. I will like to congratulate Chanice Tan Ying Xuan of Year 6/SJ6 in representing Honsbridge in the inter school badminton competition for girls under 12.  She won the 5th place at the MSSD level. Besides being good in sports, she has achieved excellent academic results in the recent Term 2 2021 examination in which she was awarded straight A/A* for all the seven subjects.


Our school will also like to give Honourable mention to two students of the Year 2/SJ10 namely Alexander Alistair Furze Xue You and Caroline Emma Furze Xuan Xuan for representing Honsbridge at the MSSD level for Artistic Gymnastics. I will also like to congratulate Alexander for qualifying to represent our school at the MSSS level for Artistic Gymnastics.

Left-brain development

The functions that are related to language, analytical, numbers reasoning  and logical thinking.


   i) Literacy of reading program

Currently for Primary 1 and 2 there is the reading program that is on-going on every Tuesday during the enrichment period. For those students at the upper primary, they participated in the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition (QCEC). There were not just excellent pieces of Literacy work but also on maths work by the Year 6/SJ6 readers. The dedication and work of the students and their teachers bear fruit with the excellent academic performance among the Year 6 students.


    ii) Academic result of Year 6/ SJ6

The class of primary 6 (SJ6) did very well for their primary internal checkpoint virtual term 2 2021 exam. Here is the list of top 5 students out of 19 students for all the 7 subjects offered.

I am pleased to congratulate the above mentioned students who have achieved straight A (80% and above for all their papers). Further, I am excited to announce 4 students from the Year 6 / SJ6 and 2 students from the Year 4/ SJ8  who are eligible to apply for this term’s TFK scholarship awards. They are Luo Yeujiayu (Coco), Suk Seunghun (Brandon),Chloe Song Yu Xuan, Chanice Tan Ying Xuan, Angela NG Yan Yi  and Athena Koo Zhiyi. Upon successful application, these outstanding students will be rewarded with a RM500 rebate off their next term tuition fee.   

Student empowerment (prefects & monitors)

During the online learning or physical classes, students are equally equipped to be part of the student leaders community. Class monitors and prefects would be trained on the characteristics and roles of a leader before their final appointment into the primary prefect board under the Primary Division Leader, Ms. Christina. Below is the board of prefects which consist of the retiring SJ6 students. Dixon You Bea would be passing on the post of primary head prefect to Henry Lee. The new primary prefect board would be unveiled during the upcoming orientation day, 21 Sep 2021.



The class monitors have equally an important role to play in helping out teachers in their virtual classrooms. They unmute the microphone to greet the teacher and ensure their classmates do not spam the chat box. The term 2 2021 Class Monitors and Assistant Class Monitors for each class are listed below.




Academic- staff training

Our teachers are trained every 6 months to be well-honed in the latest technology to engage the students during on-line learning. Our innovative teachers have done a great job in maintaining great academic results and enjoyment in virtual lessons. Currently all our teachers are fully vaccinated and are ready to come back to school for physical class when required.


Academic System

Daily, there is the homework summary for parents to help track the students’ workload after school. Do check out the 1-CUBE application. It not only has homework announcements but also the CA report card and tips from the teachers for improvement before the major exam. At the end of every month, our admin will individually inform parents of uncompleted homework in the primary homework tracker which they have time during the break to complete their submission. There is also the  weekly assembly  notes which gives a weekly update on what is happening at our school.


April 2021

Safe and Supportive educational environment

We have the confidence and the seal of approval by parents with our primary hybrid classes. Our students can learn online and also come back to school for face to face learning in the physical classroom. The future and learning progress are not jeopardized by the rising number of COVID19 cases or any emergency situation. We are building all the support systems to have uninterrupted classes. We are constantly considering feedback from parents as we learn the new way of schooling during the pandemic period.


Back to physical school since March 2021, our pupils have a sense of security to study in a safe environment. Honsbridge has gone a long way since it began online learning classes. For all the primary classes there is a seamless transition between the different modes of blended learning with online and in-person learning whichever is suitable.


We have since Feb 2021 revised the allocation of marks due to the blended learning assessment:


 Our April 2021 physical and Electronic term exams follow the same philosophy. That is, our students have successfully experienced for themselves various approaches in assessing their skill and knowledge gathered during a mix of blended learning. Teaching outcomes can be measured with the achievement of our students' results. Even in this pandemic situation, the school ensured students did not miss any chance to progress. Parents are the witness to our success with this Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM) of our student's progressive results in their report cards.


I am pleased to congratulate the following students who have achieved straight A (80% and above) Angela NG Yan Yi  and Athena Koo Zhiyi, both from SJ8/ Year 4 for their term exams. The outstanding students are invited to apply for our school’s TFK Scholarship which rewards students with a RM500 rebate off their next term tuition fee. 



Above all, regular sanitisation and deep cleaning of common surfaces and areas at our school premises are in order for the safety of everyone. We continue to seek cooperation from students, their parents and our staff to be transparent in giving school the latest personal health information.


Finally, please be reminded that our SOP will continue to be enforced and we ask for our parents and students to follow strictly for the protection of self and others.



A balanced program of academic excellence with a healthy mind and body

(i) On language mastery


All our students have equal opportunity to succeed. Some students require extra help, we identify their gap in the beginning of the year. For those in SJ11, SJ10 and SJ9 reading ability is the foundation of their success. Every Tue during enrichment, Ms. Christina, the teacher in charge of primary will have small groups for the reading program. As for the upper primary, we organised English plus, Maths plus and Malay beginners classes weekly after school.


The table below is the comparison of the combined class average score for the subjects with extra classes. The class average is based on the test at the beginning of the year and compared with the term exam result. The overall results and grade improved after 3 months for English and Malay  while the Maths result did not change significantly as the Maths plus class has only started for less than a month.



Our primary students have made us proud during the 2020 Interschool Knowledge Competition. Our lower primary was the champion for the Novices category and upper primary was the champion for the Explorer category. They endured 2 days of drill to showcased their mastery of their English, Maths, Science and General Knowledge. Each team consisted of fellow schoolmates from different classes.


(ii) Sport Day and Friday PE


The interaction and active participation among schoolmates during the 2021 Honsbridge virtual Sports days was amazing.  The success of this event is a testimony of the importance we put on physical education. The 2021 Sports day was a game changer for the Purple sport-house. They had a taste of victory this year and held their heads high with the championship trophy.




In Jan 2021’s orientation, we aimed to bring back the much anticipated physical education (PE) for our students which they missed in 2020. Since March 2021, our students continue to enjoy their outdoor PE at our school’s sports grounds with the tremendous support from our staff. Every care and attention was given to ensure our students adhere to the SOP while indoor or outdoor PE are in session. On every Friday, the primary class has PE (Physical Education) without fail either via online or at our school’s Sportscenter. It is a great bonding time for the class for the new and returning students.



This April 2021, we are pleased to have started the physical ECA classes for our Primary students. Thank you to our coaches and staff in guiding and monitoring our students to adhere to SOP while enjoying their ECA.


Our school has successfully upgraded the school’s sports facilities to provide the much anticipated Basketball


(iii) ECA classes.


Futsal and badminton classes have resumed on every Thursday.

Art classes have resumed on every Thursday.


Taekwondo classes have resumed on every Wednesday


Chess classes have resumed on every Tuesday


Empowering students with leadership

(i) Honsbridge Prefects Board (HPB) of Primary Division


Building our students' characters do start at a young tender age. Starting from primary 4 onwards, we are training a group of students in our prefects board to be responsible and groom to have a positive attitude towards discipline. This special task force helps to keep the harmony of the growing numbers of primary students in the school. Ms. Christina leads the HPB for primary division.

The list of primary prefects are as below with the new appointed members with their respective responsibilities,



(ii) Honsbridge Class Monitor

We recognise the importance of empowering students with responsibilities for the online students and students who attend school physically. As such, we empower students on a rotation basis in every class to be a monitor. The monitor leads the class to greet and thank you teachers for every lesson. The role of the monitor will evolve in the blended learning environment.



Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program

For those parents who have been following the growth of Honsbridge in implementing the STEM program, we have successfully done it as scheduled for our Primary 1 to 3. They have been reading the 'Initial introduction' as  starter to ICT and the 'Next Step' in Primary 4 to 5. The progression will follow through with 'On Track' when they are in their secondary Year 7, 8 and 9. All these syllabuses are following the accredited Cambridge International Education of ICT subject code of 8984.


Moving on from the Primary 3 onwards, we have started coding with and to expose them to the foundation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and  IoT (Internet of Things). Our students are learning a new language to communicate with machines.

Uphold culture and tradition

We run orientation programs at the beginning of the academic calendar in January and in September. New students can familiarize with the Honsbridge Culture and key personnel and teachers. They learn the motto of Honsbridge is  ‘Building Bridges & Exceeding Expectations’.


During the month of February, we celebrated our spring festival and also showcased our students' strong command of Mandarin. Students enjoyed singing or showing off their art and craft masterpiece. They shared their knowledge, some even demonstrated their cooking skills of traditional food.


This March, our teachers showcased our students of Primary 1 right up to Primary 6 their academic achievements at our weekly assembly.


  1. SJ6/Y6 - The BFG by Roald Dahl: DREAM JARS Project. You may view this showcase on the Facebook Live Assembly dated 9 March 2021
  2. SJ7/Y5 - The Witches by Roald Dahl: Role Play. You may view this showcase on the Facebook Live Assembly dated 9 March 2021
  3. SJ11, SJ10, SJ9 and SJ6 English projects, you may view these showcase on the Facebook Live Assembly dated 23 March 2021

Introducing the latest Primary School Organisation and Home room teachers (HRT)

September 2020

High achievers for Y6 checkpoint

Despite conducting online classes during the MCO periods, our students manage to pick up during the holiday lessons in June. The extra classes supplemented the setback of online lessons. Our students have achieved reasonably good results. There are 15 students that sat for the Year 6 exam for all the 7 subjects. The subjects offered were English, Mathematics, Science, Literature, History, Mandarin and Malay. 


The overall class average was 73%.


The table below were the average results for each of the subjects and their average of students that achieve A or B

Congratulations to all our other all rounder laureates for year 6 internal checkpoint exams for all the 7 subjects.

For the 3 main checkpoint subject of English, Mathematics and Science, Natalie Wan scored 1A* and 2A. There is 6 out of 15 students (37.5%) scored 2A*/As. The students that score achieved the top 3 highest score were Koray Leong (87%) and Kyhin Ng (86%) and Natalie Wan (84%) for English, Maths and Science

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program

There were leap and bounce improvements in technology and gadgetry which has propelled the meaning of online learning to a different level. The sudden change in the education scenario during the MCO has catalysed digital literacy and student learning behaviour from our senior students down to our younger primary students. Currently, we are training a whole new batch of students that relate to the computer at a young age that it is not only an entertainment gadget but also part of the lessons in the form of edutainment. When all these disciplines are integrated, it's, therefore, more realistic to have real-life applications than traditional philosophies of education that have the various subjects in silos.


Our pilot project on teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to our Year 1 , 2 and 3 has commenced in July 2020. You will be pleased that ICT will be extended to all the primary levels starting Jan 2021. Currently, Primary 1 students are learning how to type with the keyboard with both hands and not merely only with 2 fingers. They are learning the alphabets on the keyboard. As part of our Primary 2 ICT school syllabus, there will be lessons teaching basic coding for all students and the technique of coding is carried all the way up to the Year 7 through to Year 9. 


In 2021, the Primary 1 to 3 will be doing the 'Initial introduction' as  starter to ICT and the 'Next Step' in Primary 4 to 5 and 'On Track' when they are in their secondary Year 7, 8 and 9.

You will expect our students who receive STEAM education engage more in experiential learning, collaborate with others, and persist in problem-solving as they take thoughtful risks and work through the creative process.

Blended Education Experience

In order to have a universal experience in learning and the flexibility for remote learning. We have dedicated classes to be online and physical while some students and parents would want to continue with only their virtual presence.


Digital transformation is not limited to our online lessons, we have recently conducted physical and online examinations. Our students have the opportunity to try the idea of using not only for fun in preparing for their E-speech day video but also serious matters such as their exam. 

The art of science and the science of art.

Leonardo da Vinci, an italian painter studied biology and civil engineering, astronomy and human anatomy. He is described as a Renaissance man. We have our Honsman on Honsbridge Instagram. We organised the ‘I Love Honsbridge’ drawing competition for our primary class with the same passion as daVinci. Honsbridge students can build an appreciation not only to technology but also appreciate the beauty of the art. The other digital art that we are learning is in their coding class to animate. Primary students starting from year 2 onwards will follow the coding class by lessons plan and they will code with Scratch by progressively.

Next on digital transformation

Going digital in education also poses some danger in cyber security. We use secure platforms such as google classroom and google hangout meet to conduct our class without exposing our students online. It is important that you understand that all our activities such as our weekly PE or weekly assembly or our big event require every student to log in with the official Honsbridge email. Cybersecurity is an important part of our organization priority.

New organisation and teachers

We have new staff and teachers who help us to achieve our target to move on to the next level of digital transformation in delivering knowledge and skill to our students. Please welcome 


  1. Our new members of ICT and Coding teachers namely Mr. Anbia and Ms. Fadilla who will work together with Ms. Prash to help us run the ICT program from primary 1 up to year 11.
  2. Joining Ms Sarah to teach English are Mr. Azraf and Ms. Nurul, they will  work together with Ms. Christina and Ms. Izyani in the primary and junior secondary.
  3. Dr. Rama is part of our STEAM teachers to take care of the laboratory and he teaches Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

Housekeeping of classrooms.

We also believe in the human touch and there are certain skills that could not be replaced with artificial intelligence. Our program rates the empathy of our students to work together and have good emotional intelligence. We have a weekly score board announced during assembly and presentation of certificate awards once a month to recognize the class’ effort to upkeep the cleanliness of their classroom. It is vital to have a clean classroom for them to study and to eat as we practice physical distancing.

April 2020

Mentor mentee program

Beginning of this year we have refined our mentoring program. It has been extended to the primary students. The goal of the mentoring program is to establish a trusting relationship with accountability and responsibility between the mentor and mentee. We create a program where the subject teachers are sponsoring the program by appointing students who are good at the subject to be a mentor to a student who will like to be mentored. Mentors were identified in February and their training started before the lockdown. They are trained to see themselves as Hero to guide their friends. While renewing their enthusiasm in the subject. Mentor and mentee, each has his/her strength and they contribute to the school and society in a different way.


The table below is the list of mentors from our primary classes. 


Mandarin emphasis program

Leading the way and starting with a good foundation, we are building our Mandarin emphasis program. Mandarin class size to be slimmer with more activities emphasis. In January, Primary 1 and 2 practise singing for their Chinese New Year celebration. In February, a Mandarin public speaking competition was organised amongst the Primary 1 to 6 students, it was successfully held at the 25 Feb 2020 assembly to inspire more students to compete in future Mandarin contests.

Living skill, Music, Speech and Drama enrichment program

The overall wellbeing of our young learners is an important matter. We have a diverse enrichment program on top of the strong academic program to expand and promote a balanced individual. In Jan, there was the Music enrichment program, with the departure of the Music teacher and incoming new teacher, we rolled out the Speech and Drama enrichment program for preparing students for their annual Speech day performance.

Primary first

Primary students have been our highest priority in terms of safety and growth. Application to be a Honsbridge Prefect was opened to Primary 5 and Primary 6 classes. Deserving students were recommended by the teachers and elected to lead. It is a stepping stone to train future leaders at a young age as they have shown maturity in handling their school affairs.


The students that were elected are Chloe Yap, Elizabeth Ham, Natalie Wan, Grace Yuen, Jayden Cheong, Leonidas Wan, Isaac Magness, Olivia Ng.


School has been taking precautions since the beginning of February and March to reduce the risk of students exposed to virus infection with good personal hygiene practice by enforcing them to  wash their hands properly before break time and lunch time. We advise them not to touch their face at all times when having outdoor PE as well as wash their hands frequently when they have their PE. The Primary lunchtime has been revised to start before the Secondary students to give priority to serve the Primary students first. 


Before the start of COVID-19 movement control, every student has to sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken before entering school. Personal travel declaration was made compulsory to assess the risk of infection for every student and their parents.. With good control and precautions taken, we have successfully celebrated our sports day on the 5 Mar 2020 for our Primary students to build good sportsmanship without any incident of health and safety. On the 16 Mar, taking consideration of the personal travel declaration and precautions for health and safety, school advised parents ONLY the Primary 1 and 6 students to have classes and social distance was exercised with these two classes. For example, lunch was delivered to their classroom in their tupper wares to avoid gathering during lunch time or break time. On the 17 Mar, Primary 4 students also join the Primary 1 and Primary 6 to have classes and under increased social distance arrangement. The aim is to reduce risk of transmission in as small a gathering as possible. 

School closure and COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO) E-program

When school was closed on the 18 Mar 2020 to enforce social distancing, the Primary division was not left out. They were given the same consideration as the secondary students. Their needs were not neglected and classes were delivered as usual according to the published timetable. Each student has a personal honsbridge domain email and each is assigned to a google education Honsbridge classroom. The class still keeps close interaction with their teachers. I appreciate our parents play a big role to have a continuity in the child’s education online. With support from parents, they joined forces with teachers and staff to teach our students to learn in a different way from the 18 Mar 2020 MCO. Together, we use technology in a way never before possible. I will strive for students to have a balance of working in front of the screen in the virtual classroom, for them to do their homework, classwork and project prior to submission their work online. I actively advocate for teachers to enforce similar discipline ground rules such as , have self control to take turns to speak up and being independent are applied in the virtual class too. Students continue to learn and apply their knowledge through continuous assessments conducted online, akin to attending schools. 


Honsbridge has moved a long way in the past 2 months to continue with various activities mentioned below organised online akin to attending schools:


  1. E-Class . 
  2. E-Assembly
  3. E-Openday
  4. E-Enrolment
  5. E-ECA
  6. E-Sports
  7. E-Enrichment
  8. E-SpeechDay with Honsbridge’s Got Talent.

September 2019

For instilling discipline and positive attitude of all students of Primary 1 to Primary 6 of SJ5

  1. All students will require the use of 7 subjects x 2 exercise books for writing their homework and notes, prep diary and a file for all the worksheets and tests. 
  2. Students may purchase the items above from Ms Nabila and Ms Yvonne at the school reception. 
  3. Students have been actively encouraged to have a high standard of good attitude in learning and manners. Attitude index (AI) will be recorded in the students’ report card officially in 2020. All students have a 90% of AI at the start of every term, for every misconduct recorded of the student on the Allschools, there will be demerit points from the AI. An indicative AI has been reflected in the Sep 2019 report card due to the demerit points received by the student. Please refer to the student handbook on the demerit point system. 
  4. Commencing 1 Oct 2019, all students will receive demerit points should they still not use the 7 subjects x 2 exercise books for writing their homework and notes, prep diary and a file for all the worksheets and tests. 


For improving the safety and efficiency of operation commencing 11 Oct 2019.

  1. All students who are interested to read Malay, Mandarin and have time with their Home Room Teacher, school starts at 8am from Mon through Thu. 
  2. All students’ dismissal time will be at 13:30 as opposed to 14:15 because of starting their lessons at 8:00am as opposed to 8:45am on Mon, Wed and Thu. 
  3. Tuesday’s classes 
  4. Friday’s classes which include Physical Education will be held as usual at 8:45am and noon. 
  5. Tuesday’s classes will still commence at 8:00 and end at 14:15 because of Assembly. 
  6. Hence, students should report by 8am on Mon through to Thu. 

Revised Primary schooling hours as follows: 

Mon, Wed and Thur - 8:00 to 13:30

Tue - 8:00 to 14:15

Fri - 8.45 to 12:00 (PE attire is compulsory)

For Improving the Primary programme curriculum

  1. There will be living skills classes for Primary 1, 2 and 3 classes. Living skills classes scheme of work will engage students on desirable mindsets and behaviour. 
  2. There will be eye tests visit by the Sunway Specialist and dental check up visits organised for certain primary students starting with the lower primary standard. Please give your written reply if you will support the eye and dental check up initiatives. The eye tests provider has kindly set up a booth at the PTM today. Please feel free to visit the booth. 
  3. There will be a more all round approach to the weekly enrichment classes that we are providing to the students. For example, history, music and singing, dancing, art and craft e.t.c classes will be considered for the timetable of the Primary 1 to Primary 4 students. Primary 5 and Primary 6 students will have more focus on the preparation of their Cambridge Year 6 checkpoint examinations on English, Mathematics and Science, the students will not have as much enrichment classes in their timetable.
  4. All student receives a goal setting review with their HRT. It will be very encouraging for both parents and teachers to direct students to achieve the goals that were set. 
  5. Commencing 11 Oct 2019, the new Year 6 students of SJ5 will have twice the learning time for Malay and Mandarin.
  6. The Year 6 students who will start reading the new Year 7 program commencing 11 Oct 2019 will have 1 year duration to study. Subsequently, another 1 year duration to study Year 8. In the Year 8 Sep examination series, should the students achieve 80% for English, Math and Science, they will be recommended for promotion to Year 10 by skipping Year 9. Otherwise, students will continue to read Year 9 for 1 more year to build their foundation to study Year 10 and 11.  
  7. Given there is more time in the Year 7 and Year 8 learning time, there will be a more all round approach to the weekly enrichment classes that we are providing to the students. For example, history, music and singing, dancing, art and craft e.t.c classes will be considered for the timetable of the Year 7 and Year 8 students. For the Year 9 students, they will have more focus on the preparation of their Cambridge Year 9 checkpoint examinations on English, Mathematics and Science, these students will not have as much enrichment classes in their timetable.
  8. Commencing 11 Oct 2019, the new Year 7 students will also have twice the learning time for Malay and Mandarin. 

Teaching Staff

  1. Honsbridge management gives a lot of attention to training new and current team of teachers. 
  2. As there are more students enrolment, there will be more new teachers. We believe in supporting the suitable teacher to teach the class to completion. There will not be a change in teacher unless really there is no other alternatives.
  3. For a list of the profile of our teachers, please check the school’s website and follow the school’s facebook and instagram. 
  4. For students who have a change in the subject teacher, the new teacher will be guided to know about the students in the class and to teach the syllabus according to the scheme of work.