/* "> */ Remote Rain Forest 2017 @ Cheras - Honsbridge International Fast Track IGCSE/ O Level Programme
Honsbridge International Fast Track IGCSE/ O Level Programme

Remote Rain Forest 2017 @ Cheras

Once again, Honsbridge returns to adventure as they venture into deep, remote rainforests of….Cheras, KL?

That’s right, the Honnets are having a field trip to the City Camping Park at Cheras. The Park is located near the Cheras Leisure Mall. Our teachers, Mr Kuldip, Mr Tan, Ms Kok and Mr Jason accompany the Honnets while taking the Honnets on a MRT around 8:30 from our school to the Taman Mutiara station. From there, the Honnets must walk all the way to the Park.

Once they’ve arrived at the City Camping Park at 9:00pm, the Honnets were given a program briefing. The camp director, Mr Charlie Ng briefed the Honnets about safety and survival in the jungle. After that, the Honnets were taught to make clove hitches and square lashings.

By 11:30am, the Honnets learned to make tables to prepare for cooking lunch. The Park directors taught them how to collect cooking utensils and food rations. Most importantly, the Honnets were taught how to collect firewood and start a fire, which would be useful for both cooking and warmth. Soon, the Honnets learned how to cook meals such as fried rice and fried noodles which later became their 1pm lunch. Happily, the Honnets’ meals are delicious enough that they didn’t have to sneak off into the nearby Mall outside for snacks.

Once they’ve finished their lunch, the Honnets washed up and assembled for inspection at 1:30pm. By 2pm, the Honnets had fun playing the low rope obstacle course and tree climbing, an activity that includes crossing rope bridges and tire swings.
Finally, the Honnets gathered back for a program summary before returning home by 4pm.

Phew! That’s quite an adventure for a very small camp!

Honsbridge would like to thank Charlie Ng and other directors of the City Camping Park for their dedication.

The trip maybe over but adventure continues for Honsbridge.

November 30, 2017

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