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School Life

It’s 7.45 a.m – arriving at the doorstep of Honsbridge International School and are greeted by friendly administrators. Yes, it is early, but remember to wish good morning to everyone you see. Don’t worry. No one would know if you were smiling behind the mask or not.

Remember to have your temperature taken, your belongings sanitised, and pass your ziplock-bagged and tagged (with your name and class), precious phone to the administrator at the reception desk. Then, just before you step into the whirlwind of knowledge, use your name tag and tap yourself in for attendance.

Classes. Classes. Classes.

BRRRRINGGGGG! Time for a break. Did someone say food? Yes, food! Let the alluring, mouth-watering scent lure you to the new canteen located on the 1st floor. Pick and pay for your food from a range of freshly-packed snacks, make your way back to your class and eat at your desk. Remember – no eating and walking at the same time. You wouldn’t want to trip and fall or spill precious food now, would you?

Classes. Classes. Classes.

BRRRRRRRINGGGGG! Growling guts, lifeless limbs, glorious grubs awaits! Gastronomical magic happens. Like withering flowers coming back to life after a rain, our zombie-like students return to their original state. Forty-five minutes to eat, rest, read that last chapter, play badminton or rush that homework you forgot.

Classes. Classes. 

SAVED BY THE BELL! In a heartbeat, desks cleared and bags packed; how teachers wished for you to apply the same dedication and speed to your homework. Make your way to your respective extra-curricular activity, or stand in line at Level 4 to collect your prized phones. Then, make your way to the waiting area or daycare or go straight home.

Anzo really appreciates the training he had with Honsbridge and in fact, he gives credit to the education he had with you in preparing him for the examinations. As a proud parent, once again, thank you for all the support you have given Anzo, until the day he took the ISG exam at your facility.
Coralyn Hizola Drouin

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!! This is one of the most awaited times of the week for students here at Honsbridge. Why? Because today is the day we have Physical Education!

It is 8.00am in the morning and we have one class before we can head to the Sports Centre for our weekly PE lesson. At 10.15am Mr Zul finishes his lesson with us before we are allowed out for a 15 minute recess to refresh and recharge.

It is now 10.30am and Mr Tan, who is in charge of PE arrangements, directs all students to be assembled according to their Sports Houses. Since I am from Green House, our gathering room will be Room 320. Purple, Yellow and White House have also been assigned their own gathering spaces. Mr Tang, another one of our teachers and head of Green House, patiently waits for us while Eshin, our House Captain, checks the students’ attendance.

Once Eshin has finished checking the attendance, it is time to move and play! Hurray for PE!!! Our House Captain takes the lead and we all head to the Sports Centre on Level 5 accompanied by our House teachers. All of us are now assembled at the Badminton Court so that Mr Tan can brief us on the games for today. Today we will be playing Dodgeball, Captain’s Ball and Badminton. Other times we may also play Futsal or Basketball.

Finally, before we are allowed to play, we have a warm-up session led by our House Captain and Vice-Captain. Badminton is the first game we will play today followed by Dodgeball. The gameplay is fun and when we are finally dismissed at 12.00pm, we are tired but happy. Of course, we look forward to next week when we can have our PE Session again!