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SJ6’s Achievements and Unforgettable Memory

SJ6’s Achievements and Unforgettable Memory
By Miss Teoh Xiu Jong


15 September 2021 was an important and unforgettable day for SJ6 of Year 6 students – their last day as primary students in Honsbridge International. These students have spent a great amount of time together, both in school physically and online. Even though they were unable to end their primary days with a party, they have managed to organise a virtual party with a movie session.

Coco Luo recalled that her friends helped her with English, a language that was once foreign to her, when she joined Honsbridge in June 2019. Due to her determination, she is now fluent in the language and has become more confident when using it. Additionally, she has emerged as the Champion for Speed Bounce, one of the many games for Sports Day. Recently, she has completed her studies and was recognised as one of the TFK scholars for achieving 7A* in Year 6. 


Brandon Suk, another TFK scholar with 5A* and 2A, has maintained his outstanding results throughout the year. Besides focusing on academics, he is actively participating in both internal and external competitions. In 2020, he participated in the Knowledge Challenge where he is one of the members from the winning group. This year, he received the Silver Award from VANDA Science Competition, ranking him as the Top 20% of all participants in that yearly international-level competition. 


Chanice Tan is one exemplary student who balances between academics and sports. She has been selected as one of the TFK scholars for her 4A* and 3A in the recent examination. Last March, she bagged the third place in the PjBA FELET International State Selection for Putrajaya. As for her school life, she shared that she has made many friends throughout her days as a primary student. Her most unforgettable memory is celebrating her classmates’ birthdays together. 


On behalf of Honsbridge International, we would like to wish all our Year 6 students who have completed their programme with us all the best in their future endeavours.


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