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Student Leadership

Teamwork and clear communication are building blocks to a holistic educational experience. 

At Honsbridge International School, we believe in providing  these opportunities for our students to sharpen their leadership skills within the safety of our school walls. 

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Honsbridge Principal’s Committee


This team is the backbone of all our activities. From setup to teardown, from projections to audio, this team creates the event for the whole school to relish. Large-scale events our HPC has handled before include our Sports Days and yearly concerts (Speech Days).


Leaders here know how to manage logistics, inventory, and manpower to ensure events runs as smoothly as they do in the movies. 

Honsbridge Prefectorial Board


When the teachers are not around, the school turns to this team for leadership and direction. The Honsbridge Prefectorial Board maintains order, discipline, and adherence to the values of our school. 


The structure provided by the HPB becomes a catalyst for a positive learning and nurturing environment. 

Honsbridge Sports Committee


Imagine being a team manager for a sporting event such as the World Cup or even the Olympics. The scale, the practise needed, the burning winning desire; these are qualities we look for in leaders in our Honsbridge Sports Committee.


Leaders here are not those who give commands, but those who command authority through their action, determination, and dedication.

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Honsbridge Mentorship Programme


Student empowerment is the core of this programme for students to take charge of their learning and benefit from peer-to-peer learning. Teachers will guide, counsel and pair up students based on their academic strengths.


The relationship between student mentor and mentee must be undertaken with an open heart and willingness to grow.

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