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Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!
By Miss Teoh Xiu Jong  

2020 was definitely an unexpected year for many. With the occurrence of the pandemic, many plans were halted. However, it is through such challenging times that has allowed Honsbridge International staff to grow. Regardless of how the year has turned out, one thing does not change – the way Honsbridge International ends the year. 

Christmas Party

We celebrated our annual christmas lunch party at a place that we call our second home, Honsbridge International at Level 4. A widespread variety of mouth-watering food ranging from seafood to desserts were served for all staff to savour.

A Christmas party will never be not complete without gifts! Prior to this event, the Management has prepared a Secret Santa list. This is a Christmas tradition whereby a staff will be randomly assigned to another staff to whom they will prepare a gift, adding that the identity of the giver remains a secret. Many wrapped-up gifts of different sizes were placed below the Christmas tree before they were presented to the receivers. 

To hype up the celebration, Honsbridge International has taken the extra mile to prepare a special gift for all the staff. Staff were taken aback and were grinning from ear to ear upon receiving it. 


Lucky Draw

A box with draws were passed around by Miss Asyikin. “Try again” was the most common in the box. Staff who drew that piece of note out of the box were disappointed as luck wasn’t on their sides. However, three lucky Staff were over the moon as they walked away with three huge gifts respectively. 




Staff Awards Ceremony 

Realising how hard all Staff have worked throughout the year, Honsbridge International has decided to present a few awards as one of the many ways to appreciate all their hard work. 

There were two groups who took part in voting – the students and the Management. 

Voted by students: 

Most Attentive Homeroom Teacher: Miss Sunny Chen Miao San 

Most Caring and Supportive Teacher: Miss Nur Izyani binti Rasdi




Voted by students: 

Most Caring and Supportive Staff: Miss Asyikin binti Mohamad Sabri 

Most Promising and Proactive Staff: Miss Nurhaslizana binti Norma Tambi

Most Versatile Staff: Miss Siti Nur Hidayah binti Ismail



Voted by Management:

Most Promising and Proactive Teacher: Miss Saktiswari A/P Muneeswaran 

Most Proactive New Teacher: Miss Sarah Afiqah binti Abdul Rahman




The Management also took the time to recognise the Covid-19 Response Essential Management Team 2020 by presenting a token of appreciation. Those who are involved are: 

Board of Governor, Miss Emma Furze

Chairman, Mr Dom Hon

Acting Principal, Miss Hang

Head of Program, Miss Diana Ng 

Program Leader Assistant, Mr Tan 

Secondary Division Leader, Miss Sarah Chow

Primary Division Leader, Miss Christina


Honsbridge International would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe throughout the festive season with all your loved ones, not only for rejoicing but to reflect about the year and how changes can be made for 2021! 

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