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“What is the meaning of teamwork ?”

Have you ever played on a team before, such as in baseball or cheerleading? On these teams, it’s important that you work together and get along with other players or members.

This is called teamwork.Teamwork involves working together with other people to get to an end goal.
Superheros use teamwork all the time, too. In Avengers, heroes like Thor and Ironman work together to save the world from supervillains. Sometimes it’s hard, but they learn to cooperate with each other and bring their talents together to reach a goal.

Here are some of the things to remember :

1. Learning to work as part of a team will help you to hone many social skills, such as patience, empathy,            communication, respect for others, compromise and tolerance.
2. It also helps you to develop confidence in yourself and trust in other people.

Remember to have fun and engaging when you are working as part of a team!

Let’s watch a video on the Power of Teamwork

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