I am truly blessed to have spent 2 years of my life here. I met the most amazing people, and the worst (Oscar Lee). I do not regret a single moment I spent here (except for the dull speeches). I cannot stress the amount of gratitude I have for the opportunity to attend this loving school it truly felt as is we are a family. I can’t write properly right now. But I am immensely thankful for the teachers and the people here.

Mrs Sam, you made IG chemistry look easy compared to the difficult homework you gave us, every chance you got. I credit my 95% to your doing.

Mr Satya. I got A for Add Maths 80% finally! Thanks for believing in me and for quotes.

Mrs Giang love you. You made me enjoy Bio. Thanks for teaching us about the outside world. You taught us how life worked not only as a bio teacher but as friend. 92%

Ms Michelle – 90% for english. I wrote out of topic! Thank you for putting so much effort in each class and for giving us constructive criticism.

Dr Alistair – thanks for the extra information and allowing us to eat. 91% for physics.

Chelsie Class of G12

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