Honsbridge is the only school I know that makes their alumni write an essay. But Honsbridge is also the only school that I know that I can find such extraordinary friends and teachers. I actually entered Honsbridge 3 months prior to the major IGCSE examination. The change of environment for me was life changing. I would like to individually credit all the great teachers for reaching me.

Living the life as a Honsbridge-ian was fairly interesting being the only school that has a college-like environment.

I bet all of the juniors and seniors dream of the day you guys finally get to leave Honsbridge. I admit at first, it was a wonderful feeling of freedom that I discovered. But after time I started to miss my slow-poked life in Honsbridge.

From failing additional Maths and chemistry to getting a B on the subjects! I was at a lost for words.

Thanks for Ms Michelle for helping me and grooming me to perform in english.

Thanks to Ms Giang for putting up with my very educational and appropriate question.

Thanks for Mr Satya for being Mr Satya.

Thanks to Ms samantha for always giving us work and believing in us and always free to questions.

Thanks to Dr Alistair for giving us physics puns and letting us eat in class and allocating your time to explain the topics we didn’t understand.

Elia Class of G12

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