Shailesh Waren Subramaniam

I chose Honsbridge International after touring the academy and watching the small but tightly knit community Honsbridge had. A school where everyone knew everyone else. It made me think, Honsbridge wasn’t just a school, it was a family. Not many schools can offer that kind of warm and ideal environment for education so the decision was easy. Turning over a new leaf? Not so much. The people I was leaving behind in my previous school saddened me, but I quickly got over it thanks to my new friends in Honsbridge. We laughed, we cried, we studied till we were braindead, and we got scolded too. There was so many events, Sports Day, Speech Day, Chinese New Year, Honsween are just a few of them. It was all part of the wonderful experience I call Honsbridge. I will forever cherish the memories we share.

Shailesh Waren Subramaniam Class of G16

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