Zhen-Zhu Shekar

I realised that an education is one of the most important values in life. But it is where you gain this education that makes the most difference. Joining Honsbridge Academy has enabled me to see the potential I have as a student. Many times did I doubt myself in terms of academics, yet every time there was an incredible teacher there to help me.

My teachers were understanding, considerate and relatable. They taught me how express myself through my words, and most importantly how to work with my fellow classmates. Through this process I helped to organise our schools Speech Day event. Despite the sleepless nights, constant discussions, and preparations, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment. We created an experience for ourselves and our friends that we would never forget. Therefore I encourage every student to become involved with extra activities because it helps you become a well rounded person.

Now That I have completed my IGCSE and O Level examinations, I am so thankful to all my teachers for making my final years in secondary school the most memorable yet. I will never forget the support and encouragement that I received, especially from my principle Miss Emma.

Zhen-Zhu Shekar Class of G8

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