“growing both in skill and ability with Honsbridge
I send my daughter to Honsbridge this year and she enjoyed learning in Honsbridge. Despite 2020 being a challenging year, teachers did well in teaching via online method following the full schedule of daily class. Their Acting School Principal, Ms Hang Do is passionate in ensuring children in the school are well taken care and communicate effectively with parents. I saw my daughter growing both in her skill and ability through her 1 year with Honsbridge and I’m enroling my younger son into Honsbridge in Jan 2021. I look forward to seeing both kids grow as they learn happily in a great learning environment of Honsbridge. Keep it up Ms Hang & her team

Alicia Yuen

Parent of Honsbridge student
Honsbridge was not ‘all work, no play’”
Joining Honsbrige was the best decision my parents could’ve made for my brother and I. As it was a relatively small school, everyone felt like family. Everyone knew one another; and, we were all close.Whenever I needed help, be it studies or something else, I never hesitated to approach either my teachers or my friends. Everyone was willing to help everyone, and that was what made it special. When I became a senior, the coursework got harder, but I never felt like I was lagging behind because I the environment made it easy to seek help from the teachers if I didn’t fully understand what was taught in class.Another thing I love about Honsbridge; the class sizes were small, no more than 16 students per class, resulting in quality education for all the students as the teachers could focus on each student more. Honsbridge was not ‘all work, no play’, we had fun and exciting times when we had PE classes and different school events such as Sports Day, Christmas Bash, Speech Days and many more. The best moment in my life so far, was the moment I received my IGCSE results; I had aced almost all my subjects! I had gotten 5 A’s out of 6 subjects I had taken, the other was a B. Now as I am waiting for my math exam in May, I have little to no doubt that I will pass this exam with flying colours. I would like to thank all my teachers and for contributing towards my success and Ms Emma for allowing me to say a few words. I would like to wish Honsbridge all the best for the future.

Shannon Khoo

Honsbridge wasn’t just a school, it was a family.”
I chose Honsbridge International after touring the academy and watching the small but tightly knit community Honsbridge had. A school where everyone knew everyone else. It made me think, Honsbridge wasn’t just a school, it was a family. Not many schools can offer that kind of warm and ideal environment for education so the decision was easy. Turning over a new leaf? Not so much. The people I was leaving behind in my previous school saddened me, but I quickly got over it thanks to my new friends in Honsbridge. We laughed, we cried, we studied till we were braindead, and we got scolded too. There was so many events, Sports Day, Speech Day, Chinese New Year, Honsween are just a few of them. It was all part of the wonderful experience I call Honsbridge. I will forever cherish the memories we share.

Shailesh Waren Subramaniam

Honsbridge will always be a part of me.”
Studying in Honsbridge, I’ve never expected to gain such great friends and make such fond memories. Honsbridge not only developed my study skill and also communication skills. Honsbridge will always be a part of me. I’ll never forget my G12 babies