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Upper Secondary IGCSE

Upper Secondary Programme Letter

September 2022

External Competitions

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC)

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is the world’s largest mathematics competition, with over 6 million participants from 93 countries, including Malaysia. Under the guidance of Mr Kevin, the school has successfully registered 15 students from the Upper Secondary Division.

On 17 June 2022 (Friday), 13 students opted for a physical option whereby they were required to be placed in a room with tables separated, similar to an examination setting.

On 18 June 2022 (Saturday), two students opted for an online option whereby they are required to follow certain rules, including having the web camera positioned at a particular angle.


MUFY Innovation Challenge 2022

MUFY Innovation Challenge 2022 is a competition organized by Monash University Foundation Year on 30 July 2022. This year’s theme focuses on innovation for a sustainable future. For this, our students had to go through three stages that tested them on different skills. In the first stage, the students must prepare a proposal to propose an innovative and practical idea that addresses one of the 17 United Nations (U.N.) sustainable development goals. In the second stage, the students must prepare the slides and

rehearse for an online presentation. In the third stage, they must present their idea via Zoom to the panel of judges and an online audience. The students have prepared a proposal ‘Building Bridges Foundation’ in which they focus on the innovation of the working system whereby people can change from working for money to working for skills, shelter and food for a sustainable future. Their proposal provided ideas on how jobless people can work and utilize their skills to earn a living. To them, this effort creates an opportunity to reduce poverty in the country and produce skilled workers. With their accepted proposal, they moved forward with an 8-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute question-and-answer (Q&A) session. The duo has shown their ability to answer critically to the questions posed by the judges with ease. Under the guidance of Mr Daniel, two of our students were awarded fourth place. The students are considered finalists in the challenge.


National Science Competition (NSC)

National Science Competition (NSC), formerly known as Kuiz Sains Nasional (KSN), is one of the most highly-anticipated science competitions for secondary school students in Malaysia. The Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) aims to achieve a few objectives among school students: to nurture, promote, and enhance science, technology, and innovation.

Under the guidance of Ms Jannah, two Year 10 students, Low Jian Wei and Annabelle Low Xinn, have been awarded Bronze.

Upper Secondary Division’s Showcases

Raya Showcase

On 26 April 2022, the Upper Secondary students were guided by Mr Zulfikri, our Malay language teacher in line with Hari Raya. From this activity, the Raya theme is prioritized. The planned and conducted activities benefit our students as they have further prepared for the Cambridge IGCSE Foreign Language Malay (0546). The G28AB/Year 10 students recorded a video on different scenarios during the festive season. Before recording the video, the students must write a script for a sketch when paying a visit to the neighbours’ houses, accepting “duit raya” and attending an open house.

Through this activity, our students can enhance their speaking skills and confidence using

the aforementioned skill. Furthermore, this activity requires students to be able to work as

a team.

The G26AB/Year 11 students have written essays on “Pengalaman Saya Menyambut Hari Raya” (my personal experience celebrating Hari Raya). The best essay was chosen to be presented during our weekly assembly. Through this activity, our students are aware of how Muslims in the country celebrate it. Additionally, they can sharpen their writing skills by showing their ability to understand the question, develop their ideas to show their maturity, and include appropriate and relevant vocabulary to express their thoughts in words.


World Youth Skills Week

According to the United Nations, World Youth Skills Day was declared in 2014 to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for various purposes such as employment, decent work as well as entrepreneurship. On 12 July 2022, the G28ABC/Year 10 students were guided by their respective homeroom teachers, Mr Kevin, Mr Zulfikri and Dr Kasmani. The students have caught the attention of everyone during our weekly assembly by showcasing their skills which range from playing computer games to musical instruments.


Mathematics Week

Wong Zhe Fung from G28A / Year 10 has volunteered to showcase for Mathematics week. He has decided to prove the quadratic formula from the general quadratic equation of ax^2 + bx + c = 0. With step-by-step guidance from his Mathematics teacher, Mr. Kevin, Zhe Fung has successfully recorded the entire video which was showcased during our weekly assembly on 2 August 2022.


MSSD Badminton

upper secondary 2022 MSSD badminton


MSSD Athletics


MSSD Football

upper secondary 2022 MSSD football


MSSD Cross Country

Leadership Programs, Student Wellness, and Discipline


Apart from our academic programs, our students are equally equipped to be part of student leaders. Class monitors and prefects would be trained on the characteristics and roles before their final appointment into the Secondary Prefect Board under the guidance of our Disciplinary Head, Ms Sarah and Honsbridge Prefectorial Board Head, Ms Prash. The Prefect Board is a student-led organization at Honsbridge International School. Apart from fostering self-regulation among all students, the Prefect Board aims to help them develop their self-awareness to become responsible and respectable young adults. Below is the board of prefects with a few new additions to the Honsbridge Prefects’ Board:


The Prefect Board recruits new Prefect Leaders and school prefects every year through the Self-Nomination Scheme, and the applications are available at the beginning of every term. The prefect board is headed by the Executive Committee, including the Head Prefect and Assistant Head Prefect, who supervises a group of Prefect Leaders. They support school prefects and class prefects by providing training workshops. This is how we create young leaders from the school level. In addition, the class monitors are equally vital in helping teachers in their classrooms.




September 2021

Right-brain development.

The functions that are related to imagination, expression and creativity are of foremost importance which should be nurtured in the early years. We take pride in our students' work where they were given opportunities to showcase their best work during assembly when there were special events such as the 2021 Teachers’ Day and Mothers’ Day. Cultural exposure to understand Hari Raya Aldilfitri and Merdeka Day. During each celebration, each class can spend the enrichment time to work on art and craft which their homeroom teacher proudly shares during assemblies.


One of the most enjoyable times for the students in the past 4 months was the 2021 E- speech day in June 2021 where they expressed themselves with ‘I have a dream’ production and costume design and Honsbridge’s Got Talent competitions. Our Year 10 students’ expressiveness was also enhanced when a selected few were in the finals of the 2021 Sunway University College E-poster scientific understanding on COVID awareness competition.

Left-brain development

The functions that are related to language, analytical, numbers reasoning  and logical thinking.


     i) Literacy program

Students participated in English writing competitions from colleges and also international organiser.such as the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition (QCEC). There were not only excellent pieces of Literacy work, but many of our students also participated in the UOW Math and General Knowledge Competition in Jun 2021 as well as the National Science Challenge 2021 competitions in July.


     ii) Academic results of May/June 2021 Cambridge IGCSE/ O Level Exams

The dedication and work of our students and their teachers bear fruit with the excellent academic performance among the Year 11 graduates of the G23 batch in the May/Jun 2021 exam series. Congratulations to our graduates and their teachers.




     iii) Academic forecast results of the Year 11/ G24 for their Oct/Nov 2021 Cambridge IGCSE/ O Level Exams

The COVID19 pandemic has robbed our students of their confidence in their exams because they have been studying virtually for the past two years. Hence, many of our students have opted to do their examinations in both Nov 2021 and May 2022 exam series. Most of the students will be sitting for their foreign language papers such as Mandarin and Malay in the May 2022 exam series.



Here is the list of the top 5 students based on their Sep 2021 trial examination forecast grades.



iii. Academic results of the Year 10/G25 & Year 10 /G26AB

The class of Year 10/G25 and Year 10/G26AB did very well for their exam. Here is the list of top 6 students who score 6A/A* and above.


Student empowerment (leadership)

During the online learning or physical class, students are equally equipped to be part of the student leaders. Class monitors and prefects would be trained on the characteristics and roles of a leader before their final appointment into the secondary prefect board under the discipline and teacher in-charge Ms. Sarah. Below is the board of prefects of students from the senior classes  inclusive of those under probation (P) for their future role.



The class monitors have equally an important role to play in helping out teachers in their virtual classroom. They unmute the microphone to greet the teacher and ensure their classmates do not spam the chat box. The term 2 2021 Class Monitors and Assistant Class Monitors for each class are listed below


Both academic and sports are emphasised with equal importance at Honsbridge. Hence, students are to contribute actively in sports activities as part of their students' leadership development. These are the major key student leaders of the 2021 E-sports day.



Last but not the least, I would like to give my highest commendation to the student leaders who make every event special and who work behind the scenes tirelessly on a weekly basis.They are also the students’ voice of Honsbridge. This special lot of student leaders make up the Honsbrige Principal committee 2020/2021


Academic staff -training

Our teachers are trained every 6 months to be well-honed in the latest technology to engage the students during on-line learning. Our innovative teachers have done a great job in maintaining great academic results and enjoyment in virtual lessons.  Currently all our teachers are fully vaccinated and are ready to come back to school for physical class when required.

Academic System

Daily, there is the homework summary for parents to help track the students’ workload after school. Do check out the 1-CUBE application. It not only has homework announcements but also the CA report card and tips from the teachers for improvement before the major exam. There is also the  weekly assembly  notes which gives a weekly update on what is happening at our school.

September 2020

High achiever for IGCSE trial exam

Despite conducting online classes during the MCO periods, our students manage to pick up during the holiday lessons in June. The extra classes supplemented the setback of online lessons. Our students have achieved reasonably good results.


There are 42 students that sat for the IGCSE trial exam for 10 subjects. The subjects offered are English, Mathematics, Biology,Chemistry, Physics, Business studies, Economics, Add Maths, Mandarin and Malay.


The class average was 64%.


The table below were the average results for each of the subjects and their average of students that achieve A or B



The laureates of the Year 11 that achieved at least 5 As for the subject that they sat for


Motivational, Scholarship and CareerSeminar

We have invited a speaker from Sunway to have a session of motivational talk with our students before the trial exam. They were encouraged to draw up a plan to help in their studies schedule and set small achievable improvement and goals. They found out about the scholarships available and what are the requirements to continue pursuing their dreams in college. 


Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program


There were leap and bounce improvements in technology and gadgetry which has propelled the meaning of online learning to a different level. The sudden change in the education scenario during the MCO has catalysed digital literacy and student learning behaviour from our senior students down to our younger primary students. Currently, we are training a whole new batch of students that relate to the computer at a young age that it is not only an entertainment gadget but also part of the lessons in the form of edutainment. When all these disciplines are integrated, it's, therefore, more realistic to have real-life applications than traditional philosophies of education that have the various subjects in silos.


Our pilot project on teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and coding to our junior secondary with 0417 syllabus from cambridge that is part of a continuation from primary.  


In 2021,there will be the first batch of students taking ICT at their IGCSE. 


You will expect our students who receive STEAM education engage more in experiential learning, collaborate with others, and persist in problem-solving as they take thoughtful risks and work through the creative process. Business Studies students have incorporated in their project to be E-entrepreneur by designing an online website to sell their pitch. They are prepared for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which embodies digital automation and real time data.

Blended Education Experience

In order to have a universal experience in learning and the flexibility for remote learning. We have dedicated classes to be online and physical while some students and parents would want to continue with only their virtual presence.


Digital transformation is not limited to our online lessons, we have recently conducted physical and online examinations. Our students have the opportunity to try the idea of using not only for fun in preparing for their E-speech day video but also serious matters such as their exam. 

Next on digital transformation

Going digital in education also poses some danger in cyber security. We use secure platforms such as google classroom and google hangout meet to conduct our class without exposing our students online. It is important that you understand that all our activities such as our weekly PE or weekly assembly or our big event require every student to log in with the official Honsbridge email. Cybersecurity is an important part of our organization priority.

New organisation and teachers

We have new staff and teachers who help us to achieve our target to move on to the next level of digital transformation in delivering knowledge and skill to our students. Please welcome 


  1. Our new members of ICT and Coding teachers namely Mr. Anbia and Ms. Fadilla who will work together with Ms. Prash to help us run the ICT program from primary 1 up to year 11.
  2. Joining Ms Sarah to teach English are Mr. Azraf and Ms. Nurul, they will  work together with Ms. Christina and Ms. Izyani in the primary and junior secondary.
  3. Dr. Rama is part of our STEAM teachers to take care of the laboratory and he teaches Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

Housekeeping of classrooms.

We also believe in the human touch and there are certain skills that could not be replaced with artificial intelligence. Our program rates the empathy of our students to work together and have good emotional intelligence. We have a weekly score board announced during assembly and presentation of certificate awards once a month to recognize the class’ effort to upkeep the cleanliness of their classroom. It is vital to have a clean classroom for them to study and to eat as we practice physical distancing.

April 2020

Mentor mentee program

Beginning of this year we have refined our mentoring program. It has been extended to the primary students. The goal of the mentoring program is to establish a trusting relationship with accountability and responsibility between the mentor and mentee. We create a program where the subject teachers are sponsoring the program by appointing students to be a match between their classmates. Mentors were identified in February and their training started before the lockdown. They are trained to see themselves as Hero to guide their friends. While renewing their enthusiasm in the subject. Mentor and mentee, each has his strength and contributes to the school and society  in a different way. 


The table below is the list of mentors from our senior classes.



Enrichment exposure

The seniors in the school were not only busy with the exam, they were given an opportunity to participate in a variety of enrichment activities. The year 11 students studying economics and business studies participated in the Inti college  Ventrepreneurship to discover their passion in venturing into  entrepreneurship of different fields. Their horizon on biomedical and science specialization visited the UPM Pharmacotherapeutic Lab to understand more in depth about the research done in the tertiary level. There were seminars presented by EduExpert to guide seniors in the selection of a suitable subject to fulfil their dream career. Those undecided students can see what are the opportunities offered beyond year 11.  


The overall well being of our seniors are an important matter. We have a diverse enrichment program on top of the strong academic program to expand and promote a balanced individual.

Senior first

For this important year, Honsbridgel has been taking precautions since the beginning of February and March  to reduce the risk of students exposed to virus infection with good hygiene practice and proper washing of their hands before break and lunch.Advise them not to touch their face too Before the start of movement control, students were sanitised and temperature monitoring before entering school. Travel declaration was made compulsory to assess the risk of infection. With good control and precautions, we have successfully celebrated our sports day without any incident with primary building good sportsmanship. 


Senior students have our highest priority in terms of safety and growth outside the classroom. Students can learn from peers where they can have an authentic learning experience beyond their academic achievement. They make a genuinely useful contribution to their community and are not afraid of the ambiguities of real life complex situations. 


The table below is the list of leaders from our senior classes



Before the start of COVID-19 movement control, every student has to sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken before entering school. Personal travel declaration was made compulsory to assess the risk of infection for every student and their parents. On the 16 Mar, taking consideration of the personal travel declaration and precautions for health and safety, school advised parents ONLY the Year 10 class of G23 students to have classes and social distance was exercised with the class. For example, lunch was delivered to the classroom in the tupper wares to avoid gathering during lunch time or break time. The aim is to reduce risk of transmission in as small a gathering as possible. 

School closure and Covid19 movement control order E-program

When school was closed to enforce social distancing, the junior division was not left out. They were given the same consideration as the seniors students. Their needs were not neglected. Each has an personal email and each is assigned to a class. The class still keeps close interaction with teachers. Parents play a big role to have a continuity in the child education. Using technology in a way never before possible. A balance of working in front of the screen in virtual classroom, homework submission and project. All the similar ground rules of exercising self control to take turns to speak up and being independant are applied in the virtual class too. Students learning from the comfort of their home showed improvement and more confidence as they feel the control now is with them. 


The school has adapted to new challenges when the movement control exercise has forced the Cambridge Assessment International Education Office to cancel the May/June 2020 exam worldwide and yet to give those who do not wish to interrupt their education to have a grade. Students were offered alternatives to use the school assessment result or E-exam or join another class to continue to study without break and do the exam at the end of the year. Honsbrige has always been a step ahead to prepare for the E-exam and it was a success done with good integrity of any major exam organised in the school premises. Our students exceed our expectations to accomplish their goals . 

Honsbridge has moved a long way  in the past 2 months to continue with various activities to be as close as possible to a normal school life.


1. E-Class 

2. E-Exam

3. E-Assembly

4. E-Openday

5. E-Enrolment

6. E-ECA

7. E-Sport

8. E-Enrichment

9. E-SpeechDay with Honsbridge’s Got Talent.