VANDA INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE COMPETITION 2020 - Honsbridge International School - Exceeding Expectations


By Miss Teoh Xiu Jong

Vanda International Science Competition, or in short, Vanda Science, is a competition that is held yearly with participants from all over the world.

Prior to participating in this competition, six students have attempted to prepare themselves by learning the Singapore School Science Syllabus which focuses on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), in which they were required to think critically and creatively by picking out information to help them to solve the questions. Additionally, a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and methodology were vital in line with much-desired 21st century competencies.

In 2020, six students of Honsbridge International have taken up the challenge and participated in the prestigious competition.

Shelley Song Si Ni (G25) successfully won the Silver Award which puts her standing at 20% amongst all the other participants.

On the other hand, Kanyesha A/P Raguraman (G25) achieved the Bronze Award, placing her at the 40% position in the competition.

As for Wong Yongson (G26B), Hui Ezac (G25) and Lim Hao Han (G25), the school would like to thank them for their participation in the world-wide event.

Honsbridge International would like to congratulate the above-mentioned students for their outstanding achievements and hope that students will continue to show more interest in the subject.