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Honsbridge International Fast Track IGCSE/ O Level Programme

Xmas Bash 2017

Christmas is here and bringing good cheer to Honsbridge.
Honnets have gathered together to celebrate both Christmas and also the end of the school year. After months of gruelling preparation for the exams, the Honnets finally gets to relief tension.

First up for the Christmas Bash is the Go Green Parade, which showcases talented students making clothes out of recycled material. This is also where cosplay fans gets to express their love for their favourite movies, comics and anime with costumes made of soda cans and paper boxes. The Parade is divided into four Houses; Yellow, Green, White and Purple. In the end, Yellow house gets first place in the Go Green Parade.
Still, all houses were given hampers and special gifts.

Speaking of gifts, there was a Secret Santa Exchange among the Honnets, where they receive gifts from secret givers within the school. While some Honnets get an unexpected gift, overall, they’re happy to receive them.

Meanwhile, a variety of food was sold to the Honnets, which includes dessert such as Chocolate Cupcakes, Cheese Tart and Cream Puffs; Nasi Lemak and Curry Puffs.

It was an eventful, if a wee bit noisy, Christmas Bash.

For Honnets, good luck with the results and enjoy the holidays. Expect new friends when the new intake rolls in.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 4, 2017

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